Dependency injection in Drupal 8

Dependency injection is the preferred method for accessing and using services in Drupal 8 and should be used whenever possible. Rather than calling out to the global services container, services are instead passed as arguments to a constructor or injected via setter methods.

This webinar helps you understand what is dependency injection pattern, why we should use it and what are different types of Dependency injection. We will look into DI specifically for Drupal 8. Further, we will talk about implementation in Drupal 8 by deep diving into it and sharing with you actual examples of how and where it is done.

In this interactive 30 minute session, we will show how Many of the controller and plugin classes provided by modules in core make use of this pattern and serve as a good resource for seeing it in action.

Key Questions Answered

  • Why Dependency Injection?
  • Different types of Dependency Injection
  • DI in Drupal 8
  • Deep dive into the implementation of DI in Drupal 8

Who Should Attend?

Drupal Architects, CMS developers, and Senior Digital Marketing Managers

Speaker’s profile:

Juhi Rathi works as a Software Engineer at Valuebound. Her work focus on Drupal Development with best practices followed. She has been working in IT industry from 4 years in mainly PHP but from past 5 months mainly Drupal 8 with JS and related technologies. Apart from technical, her interest is in dancing, music and watching TV series.

Date:  Wed, 5th Dec - 3 PM IST

Duration: 45 min: 30 min session and 15 minutes Q&A

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