OOPs in Drupal 8
Efficiently deploy 24/365 infrastructures for cross-unit.

Drupal 8 now comes with modern Object Oriented Programming (OOP) approach. 

In this session we will learn about OOPS concept by taking a look at an example module, that touches most of Drupal's foundational APIs. Further we will go deep into the code differences between the Drupal 7 and 8 versions of same.

If you are a newbie in OOP, this session is going to take away your fear of OOP. If you're already an OOP expert, this session will let you enjoy how Drupal has implemented the patterns you might be familiar with.
In this webinar, you will learn how OOP affects Drupal 8 and how you would: 
+ Arrange classes, namespaces, and files within your module 
+ Implement controllers (pages and forms) 
+ Implement plugins (from blocks to field types to Views plugins) 
+ Work with entities 
+ Work with the configuration system

About Speaker:

Siva Kumar Epari has 6 years of experience in Drupal & has worked for Melity, Sify & Axelerant. Currently working as consultant for TechAspect and convenor of Drupal Hyderabad. He is also a contributor to Drupal 8 Accessibility. 


Duration: 60 mins