• Apache Solr 4.7 installation and configuration with Drupal 7
  • Tomcat 7 & Multi Core Apache Solr 4.7 installation and configuration with Drupal 7 on Ubuntu 12.04

    Apache Solr is a proven and popular open source search platform developed by Apache Lucene. It is an application developed in java and runs as a standalone full text search server embedded in a servlet container. We have discussed how to install Tomcat 7 & Multi Core Apache Solr 4.7 and configuration with Drupal 7 on Ubuntu 12.04 for one our own project.

    Drupal Framework as inbound marketing platform

    Inbound marketing aims on being noticed by customers. It is about creating an effective & compelling content e.g. blog, newsletters, landing page, video etc. This gives an opportunity to the company to get the visitors to their website wherein they can be converted into prospects.

    Landing Page Optimization for Drupal Websites

    An effective way to optimize landing pages is through A/B testing, one of the fastest methods to learn more about your visitors and their preferences. A/B tests help you decide quantitatively which new design or change would improve your conversion rate before you incorporate it in your site code. Drupal 7 has some enterprise proven modules that will help you to do A/B testing for your site.  

    Marketing Automation - What does it consist of?

    Marketing automation software consists of features and functions that streamline, automate and quantify the output of marketing tasks and workflows. It lessens chaos, reduces the need for human interaction and gives sales and marketing departments metrics that help prove the impact of their efforts on revenue.

    Indian IT Companies using Drupal Platform

    A number of IT giants in India are using Drupal. For these enterprises, their Drupal platforms are essentially powerful marketing tools. They use Drupal because it accommodates marketing efforts rapidly enough for the organization to reach the market with its offerings on schedule.