Configure Views Contextual Filter In 5 Steps

Contextual Filters, better known as Arguments in the older Drupal versions are an integral part of the Views Module. After being renamed in Drupal 7 as “contextual filters”, they were added to the advanced section in the Views main configuration panel. We have shared how we have implemented this in one of our recent project.

Greytip has chosen Valuebound to maintain their Drupal based Web Presence

Greytip has chosen Valuebound to maintain their Drupal based web presence

Greytip, offering HR and Payroll Software solutions, has chosen Valuebound to maintain their Drupal based web presence. Valuebound will help the Greytip website in transitioning from Bootstap 2 to a Bootstrap 3  based theme. Meanwhile the site will be made responsive to multiple devices and new functionalities will be added keeping in line with their product offering.

Introducing Drupal 7 Registration Invite Module

Valuebound contributes Drupal 7 Registration Invite Module

Recently we have developed a new Drupal module “ Registration invite”, for Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee Alumni Association site. The module is developed specifically to send invitations to all students who have graduated and are to join the alumni network. This module is best suited for those sites, where accessibility is confined to closed group.


How to achieve unique Brand identity with drupal CMS

For achieving unique Brand popularity and identity, it's important to have an efficient and scalable business model combined with innovation. Drupal is developed in order to deliver consistent brand experience for your customers across multiple platform. Drupal will help you unify your brand experience by socialising, hyper-personalization and by proving seamless digital experience across various channels. 

How Drupal will help you win the Technology race?

Drupal has proved itself as a fully integrated and cost effective solution that can adapt to the ever changing needs of business. Drupal can help you win the technology race by making smarter use of the existing platform to enhance engagemnet, improve outcomes and reduce system wide costs. It provides a rich digital experience irrespective of your business which help you stay ahead of the competition.

Why universities need to capitalize on mobile technology

Why universities need to use mobile technology

Mobile is the next imperative channel that can anticipate a new technology revolution within many educational institutiions and universities all around the world. Many forward thinking universities like Standford College, university of Denver, Massachusetts Institute of Technology have already been involved in Mobile Web development for a while. Now its time to foresee the future technology and take a step forward to adopt and experiment the mobile technology for your educational institution.



Is Drupal- the right open source CMS for Your new project ?

Of the open-source content management systems available today, the most widely accepted and popular ones are Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. But how will you choose the one suitable for you? If you are planning to set up a enterprise class website that require more content oriented features like forum, blogs, news, analytics, product displays etc that requires large scale changes in near future, then Drupal is the best open source CMS platform available as of now.


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