Digital Experience Platforms: A Complete Guide
Digital Experience Platforms: A Complete Guide
Managing customer experience using single platform
Digital Experience Platforms: A Complete Guide
Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is the emerging category that is now at the core for most businesses. It is a part of enterprise software that seeks to meet the needs of companies that are undergoing a digital overhaul. The ultimate aim of DXPs is providing exceptional customer experience using a single platform. Even though DXPs are a single product, yet function as a whole suite of technologies working together to attain customer satisfaction.
What is the purpose of the Digital Experience Platform (DXP)?

More businesses are now adopting DXP to accelerate their marketing strategy. Discover why they’re doing that?

DXPs build digital user experience platforms that bring technology and people together. It combines engineering capabilities with a rich legacy in design and industry expertise to create future-ready digital products. Such platforms enable enterprises to drive competitive advantage, with a focus on modernization, innovation, user engagement and speed-to-market.


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  • Evolution of DXP: Tracing the roots from CMS
  • Why should DXP strategy be included while creating user experience?
  • Top 5 Latest Trends in Digital Experience
  • Evaluating your organization on the Level of Digital Maturity
  • Five questions to consider before taking the road to DXP
  • Modular Vs Monolithic Digital experience platform
  • What metrics should you use to measure the success of your DXP strategy?
  • Three Fundamental Capabilities a DXP Must Offer
  • Six Challenges of Digital Transformation

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