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Farm Journal's MILK Magazine

The main objective was to have a separate portal for the Milk brand in order to organize the dairy coverage. In addition, it was a high priority to deploy the site quickly, in 2 weeks of time.

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The main goal of the site was to create a news site focused to agronomic and business management solutions which is easier to use for the editors and easy to evaluate for the stakeholders. One of…

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Pro Farmer

Powering the Pro Farmer online Paywall using Drupal 8

The main goal of the portal was to create a news site for their readers along with handling users subscription. For payment and invoices for subscription Pro Farmer should be connected with…

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Decoupled Drupal Development Helps Syndicate Content Easily decided to keep content related to real estate research separate from their core website. The real estate research content could be either articles, images, videos, audio and…

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Greenbook Solution

GreenBook Data Solutions

Greenbook works with pesticide, herbicide and fungicide manufacturers to convert product labels into actionable data.

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Cypress Semiconductor Sales Extranet built using Drupal 8

Cypress Semiconductors Extranet - Migration to Drupal 8 from ColdFusion

Cypress Semiconductor has their main website developed using Drupal 7 CMS. Extranet portal which was developed earlier in Adobe ColdFusion were primarily being used by Sales & Distributors,…

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American Heritage

American Heritage Magazine - Migration to Drupal 8

American Heritage had an urgent need to replace a legacy site built on failing Drupal 6 code that was no longer supported. It was time to move to Drupal 8 which supports enhanced functionalities,…

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