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10 Great Examples of Drupal Commerce Websites

Selling products online is not just about successful eCommerce, but managing data as well as customer engagement across the platform. Drupal integrated with Drupal commerce offers unprecedented results that are highly secure, stable, create engaging web experiences and drive website traffic. The combination also ensures that both users and customers have a seamless experience, reduced development time, easy maintenance, and control of SEO, CRO, and website analytics tool among others.

In this post, we have shared 10 great examples of websites (from different industries) built on Drupal commerce that are setting the benchmark. These will surely help you with the creative process. Read on the features, functionalities and 3rd party integration used by these companies.  



When your website is all about fashion accessories, you need a site that draws people attention, offers seamless navigation and secured payment gateway. The Swiss e-commerce store leverages Drupal commerce as it was specifically designed to fit in with Drupal 7 using the latest features and APIs. However, the store leverage Drupal 8 for its improved loading speed, mobile toolbar and responsive theming.


Further, Bootstrap is used as a front-end framework due to its responsiveness, development speed, customization, simple integration and other. The site is integrated with analytics tools like Google Analytics and Matamo for measuring the success and utilizes the payment processing service of Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, American Express.

2. Lush


British skincare and handmade cosmetics store Lush presents a clean astonishing website that features attractive colors and fonts. Built on Drupal 7, the website is complemented by a wide range of features such as a single page checkout to pay securely with Mastercard, PayPal, Visa, American Express and BitPay. Lush uses CloudFlare as a content delivery network as it automatically optimizes the delivery of web pages to reduce page load time.

The e-commerce store is integrated with Mautic to connect all of their digital properties and channels. Further, the site uses Varnish as a caching tool and Google Analytics as a digital analytics software to measure its success.

3. Olsson & Gerthel 

Olsson & Gerthel

Olsson & Gerthel - a Sweden-based furniture store is well-known for features world-class designers on their Drupal Commerce website. The site stands due to its up-to-date style, seamless navigation and more importantly, a side panel makes it easier to filter the object as per our requirement. The e-commerce store uses Zendesk Chat for the live chatting feature, Google analytics, and CKEditor - a WYSIWYG text editor that allows the user to write content directly on web pages or online applications. 

4. Pam Kerr Designs  

Pam Kerr

New Zealand-based online jewelry store Pam Kerr designs uses Drupal commerce for their website to showcase the latest collections. A simple layout and clean design give an enchanting and smooth user experience. The e-commerce site is integrated with Stripe for payment processing. Built on Drupal 7, the site offers various payment options including PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Google PageSpeed has been utilized as a caching tool and Google Analytics for measuring the success. 

5. Fooda 


Fooda, an American meal services firm, partners with companies and office building to provide a restaurant-based meal. The website, which uses Drupal Commerce for a clean layout and easy navigation, uses Bootstrap as a front-end framework. Third-party APIs are also utilized throughout the site, including HubSpot marketing automation tool and analytics tool like Crazy Egg, Optimizely, Google Analytics, Matomo, Mixpanel. Further, AdRoll - an advertising network - is used to collect, analyze, and act on their customer data to deliver marketing campaigns.    

6. Eurocentres 


Switzerland-based Eurocentres is one of the leading organization that offers academic and professional English language courses for adults and juniors on six continents. Nearly, 13,000 students enroll every year from all over the world. Built using Drupal commerce, Eurocentres offer a rich experience, seamless navigation to search destinations, languages, and courses offered. The language learning site uses Visual Website Optimizer and New Relic for analytics and Varnish as a caching tool.



The UK-based QDOS - an e-commerce store for phone screen protectors, cases & power products - is beautifully designed to offer seamless navigation and find a relevant product on the homepage itself. The online store, which is built on Drupal commerce, boasts different functionalities like multilingualism, 3rd party integration of various social media channels and accept payment in different currencies like EUR, GBP, and USD. QDOS also offers a great alternative to signing up with your Facebook account, in lieu of creating a new account.  

Third-party APIs are also utilized throughout the site, including MailChimp for marketing automation, LivePerson for live chat and Gauges & Google Analytics for measuring success.

8. Tuan Nguyen Photography 

Tuan Nguyen

Landscape photographer Tuan Nguyen uses Drupal commerce to develop to share high-resolution landscape photographs. The online store boasts an image carousel on the homepages segregated into different columns. Though the site looks very simple and elegant, it has fast page downloading, seamless navigation and integration with social media channels to promote the content and drive users back to the site. 

9. Muzeo 


French art gallery Muzeo offers a state-of-the-art experience with high-resolution pictures showcasing different categories that redirect to a specific landing page where you can filter the art pieces accordingly and purchase. Built on Drupal commerce, the homepage features a menu section on the top left side to redirect to different landing pages. The art store also allows users to narrow their search by filtering the pieces using header and side panel. Whereas the footer section features payment options, return policy, rating, comments, and third-party integration with social media channels. Users can also subscribe to the newsletter by just entering their email IDs.

10. Guerlain 


Founded in 1828, French perfume, cosmetics, and skincare house use Drupal commerce to feature its products online. The header houses different categories where you can find a list of products along with the new product available in that category. Each product has a dedicated landing page with product description, an option to add on the wishlist and zoom the product images to have detailed look. Landing pages also include point of sales option where you can find your nearest store and share button to share the products with your kith and kin.

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