Cypress Semiconductors Extranet - Migration to Drupal 8 from ColdFusion

Cypress Semiconductor Sales Extranet built using Drupal 8

Cypress is the leading global semiconductor industry, including key segments of the automotive, industrial, home automation and appliances, medical products and consumer electronics businesses. The world-class wireless technology—along with our MCUs, memories, analog ICs and USB controller which help in unparalleled position in the fast-growing Internet of Things, a business that cuts across our conventional markets and gives us a stake in exciting, next-generation segments such as connected and autonomous cars. Cypress Extranet project is an extranet portal for the Sales Representatives and Distributors. And it acts as a “one-stop shop” for Sales Representatives and Distributors. Users expect access to all the most recently valued marketing files (from the Cypress SPEC System). The site should have easy search and options to download which should accessible anywhere, anytime on road or easily while on a conference.

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Problem being faced

Cypress Semiconductor has their main website developed using Drupal 7 CMS. Extranet portal which was developed earlier in Adobe ColdFusion were primarily being used by Sales & Distributors, and is an extension of Cypress Corporate website. Cypress webmaster teams being familiar with managing and administering Drupal 7 CMS, it was natural choice to go with Drupal 8. Additionally, Drupal was chosen for the following business and strategic reasons:

  • Adaptable: This investment needs to be reusable or adaptable by cypress site admin.
  • Cost Effective: Building solution using Drupal framework has been more effective from cost and maintenance perspective compared to old custom application built in Adobe ColdFusion
  • Scale & Performance: The site has lots of files, few in size of Gigabytes. Which needed to be uploaded and downloaded in bulk.
  • Integration points: Easily connected to third party applications and API integrations for better accessibility
  • Migration from the Legacy system which built on Cold Fusion.
  • Extranet portals : this is a whole new site within extranet with totally independent menus and submenus
  • Page Access: Page level access for viewing and Editing the content by users and roles.
  • File search: Search content across all files based on user access.
  • Extranet Clone: Inside the system, there will be a small extranet which will act as independent one for each distributors. This extranet will have their own content, menus and accesses.