Revitalizing Higher Education E-commerce: A Comprehensive Case Study
Case Study

Revitalizing Higher Education E-commerce: A Comprehensive Case Study


In today's dynamic digital landscape, e-commerce platforms in the higher education sector must constantly innovate to meet the ever-evolving needs of educators and students. Our project centered around a leading e-commerce platform in the higher education domain, with an expansive range of 22,000 products. Our objective was to upgrade and enhance the platform to provide an unmatched user experience and accommodate future growth.

The Opportunity

This platform stood out with its sophisticated taxonomy-based hierarchical facet filters, allowing educators and students to effortlessly discover the materials they required. Additionally, integrations with Navision ERP, ChargeLogic payment gateway, and the SureTax Address Validation API showcased its technical depth. However, with the relentless digital evolution, it became apparent that the system's backbone - its CMS, required an overhaul.

Why Migrate to Drupal 9?

The core of the challenge lay in the CMS. The decision to migrate to Drupal 9 was motivated by several factors:

  • Security: With rising cyber threats, the robust security defenses of Drupal 9 were indispensable.
  • Performance & Scalability: Anticipating future growth, the scalability and improved performance of Drupal 9 would be pivotal.
  • Integration Capabilities: Drupal 9's modern coding standards facilitate seamless integrations with contemporary third-party tools and APIs.
  • Future Readiness: Ensuring sustainability with long-term updates, features, and security patches.

The migration wasn't without its hurdles:

  • Landing Pages: Their rigid structure meant that any tweaks required diving into the code. A more flexible solution was needed.
  • API Efficiency: Outdated APIs for shipping calculations needed modernizing.
  • Database Optimization: A bloated 3.5GB database was slowing down operations.
  • Data Management: Handling custom entities, particularly the ones related to access codes, required a more scalable solution.
  • Cron Job Optimization: The sheer volume of cron jobs for data importation risked overloading the server.

Tackling the aforementioned challenges, we implemented solutions that were tailored to fit:

  • User-friendly Landing Pages: Using configurable paragraph fields, landing pages could now be altered via a user interface, empowering content editors.
  • API Overhaul: We transitioned to the latest APIs for precise and dependable shipping data.
  • Database Streamlining: Reducing the database size by over half while maintaining data integrity improved site performance.
  • Entity Management Efficiency: The switch from custom code to Views and Views Bulk Operations revolutionized how we managed access codes.
  • Optimized Data Importation: We refactored the data import processes, preventing server overloads and potential downtimes.

Our efforts culminated in a myriad of successes:

  • Empowerment: Content editors now have a more intuitive interface.
  • Precision: Updated APIs ensured every data point was accurate.
  • Speed: A leaner database and optimized page loads made for swift navigation.
  • Efficiency: Management of vast datasets became significantly more straightforward.
  • Reliability: With server loads kept in check, uptime became more consistent.

In essence, our intervention transformed an already formidable platform into an even more powerful, user-centric system. Educators are now equipped with an efficient tool to deliver quality reading materials, and students benefit from an unrivaled shopping experience.

Wrap up

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, staying ahead requires foresight, agility, and expertise. With our solutions, the leading higher education e-commerce platform not only addressed its immediate challenges but also poised itself for future growth and innovations.

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