Unlocking Revenue Potential: A Case Study in Monetizing Educational Apps
Case Study

Unlocking Revenue Potential: A Case Study in Monetizing Educational Apps


In this case study, we delve into how Valuebound empowered a leading provider of educational products and services to unlock additional revenue opportunities. By leveraging innovative authentication mechanisms and creating an efficient admin portal, Valuebound enabled the client to offer their applications as free downloads on popular app stores, while still ensuring access was restricted to registered users who had purchased the relevant course content.


Our client, a prominent player in the education sector, offered a range of web products and mobile applications, which were predominantly paid offerings. However, this approach incurred significant costs due to the commissions charged by the app stores. The challenge was to make the applications freely downloadable while maintaining strict control over access to only those users who had purchased the corresponding content. The traditional approach of requiring users to enter access codes upon download or registration risked rejection from app stores as it appeared as an external purchase. An innovative authentication solution was needed, accompanied by an admin portal for efficient access code management.


Valuebound utilized a tech stack consisting of React, Node, Express, MariaDB Database, AWS EC2 t2.micro instances for deployment, and Native Android and iOS application development. The key elements of our solution included:

  1. User Signup and Access Code Redemption: Valuebound developed a web application that allowed users to sign up and redeem their purchased access codes. These codes were then validated against our database. Completion of the signup flow and successful redemption of the access code were required for registration. Incomplete signups resulted in users being categorized as invalid, thereby restricting their ability to log into the downloaded applications. Login requests verified user validity. 
  2. Device-Based Security: To ensure the integrity of the paid service, we implemented device-based authentication. Each device's unique identifier was saved in our database, and login requests were cross-referenced against this identifier. If a login request did not match the stored device ID, access was denied. For users acquiring new devices, a "Forgot Password" option was provided to facilitate password reset and log out from all other devices.



  3. Admin Portal: Valuebound developed a secure admin web portal exclusively accessible to authorized admin users. This portal enabled efficient generation and management of access codes, with registration restricted to admin users only. Public registration was disabled to enhance control and security.

The implementation of Valuebound's solution yielded several benefits for our client:

  1. Enhanced Revenue Generation: While the applications were freely downloadable, access to the content was restricted to registered users who had made purchases through the client's web platform. This ensured a continuous revenue stream from the sale of paid content, significantly boosting the client's overall profitability.


  2. Strengthened Security and Access Management: Valuebound's solution incorporated robust security measures, including device-based authentication and a dedicated admin portal for access code management. These features bolstered access control and provided a centralized platform to monitor activation code statuses, facilitating timely modifications in the event of security breaches.
Wrap up

By partnering with Valuebound, our client gained fast and efficient web portals for user signup and redemption, complemented by a comprehensive admin portal. Our multi-step authentication mechanism successfully circumvented app store purchase processes, eliminating associated commissions. This solution served as a valuable addition to our client's operations, substantially increasing their revenue margins.

Discover how Valuebound can help you unlock new revenue opportunities and enhance user access control for your educational applications. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and explore tailored solutions for your business.

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