Engaging digital experience for innovative high tech companies
Engaging digital experience for innovative high tech companies

High Tech

High tech companies, operating on the cutting edge of technology, are continuously reimagining customer digital experience given the pace of innovation happening now. Customers don’t always know what they are looking for, or if they even have a need to purchase. To influence their thinking, high tech companies need to be proactive.

How we helped

Cypress Semiconductor Sales Extranet

Cypress Semiconductors Extranet - Migration to Drupal 8 from ColdFusion

Cypress Semiconductor has their main website developed using Drupal 7 CMS. Extranet portal which was developed earlier in Adobe ColdFusion were primarily being used by Sales & Distributors,…View Case Study

Commonfloor guides page

Decoupled Drupal Development Helps CommonFloor.com Syndicate Content Easily

CommonFloor.com decided to keep content related to real estate research separate from their core website. The real estate research content could be either articles, images, videos, audio and…View Case Study

Heading 4
Build the marketing opportunities unique to high tech

Powerful digital platform

Feed all your data and content into a single platform that allows you to deliver experiences efficiently and share insights across your organization for everyone’s benefit.

Customer Intelligence

People change over time and because of this, you want their profiles to reflect those changes so you have the most up-to-date information available to generate more relevant recommendations and experiences.

Marketing & Sales Enablement

More and more technology is used on a daily basis in marketing. Implement marketing automation and a CRM effectively.

Personalize customer's journey

Synchronize your data, content, and channels, and give you what you need to customize and personalize each customer’s experience


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