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At Valuebound, we have made it easier for Enterprise to Migrate their complex and larger Drupal Installations to the Drupal 8.


“We had worked with them on our other website for American Heritage Magazine, and knew they could handle a large, complex site that needed to be easy to navigate and also attractive”.

Edwin Grosvenor

President, American Heritage Publishing

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The Best Time to Migrate to Drupal 8 is Now!

The latest version of Drupal is built for mastery and power. It offers the ability to build immersive digital experience and integrate rich features. Fast!

There is a risk of getting caught unawares if you are still holding on to Drupal 7. The momentum is building up faster than ever towards Drupal 8. All the key and popular Contributed modules are now ported and available for Drupal 8 with more enhanced features and performance upgrades. Today, there are 3290 contributors from 1228 communities who are Working on Drupal 8. Valuebound has been one of the Top 3 global Contributors to Drupal 8 for the year 2015-2017.

Here is the relative momentum between the version you need to consider-

Drupal Core Release
Drupal Core Release
Drupal Module Release
Drupal Module Release
Drupal Theme release
Drupal Theme release

Not only migrating to Drupal 8 is now easier because of stable modules for it, But Valuebound Migration Team also has expertise in Migrating Complex and large Enterprise applications. Also, the way Drupal 8 is architected, upgrading to Drupal 9 would be a way too easier than an upgrade from a lower version to Drupal 8.

Case Study

American Heritage had an urgent need to replace their legacy site built on failing Drupal 6 code that was no longer supported. It was time to move to Drupal 8 which supports enhanced functionalities, access control for different type of web visitors and editors, and greater security.

American Heritage needed a robust, scalable system with the flexibility to handle different content and user types. It also needed a scalable system since it expects a ten-fold increase in web traffic after the magazine is relaunched and multiple historical societies begin to use subscriptions to the magazine as a member benefit.

One of the challenges was to implement and support with popups for the website. No module was available for this so the team created Modal Blocks, it displays a block or set of blocks as a popup in a page.


“After years of frustrating work with another vendor, it was great to have Valuebound take charge of architecting and implementing a solution. Their team were easy to work with, and accomplished an enormous job quickly and competently. Tasks requested at the end of the day were often completed by the next morning. I would strongly recommend any publishing company looking for a competent”.

President | American Heritage Magazine

Give your Enterprise the freedom to imagine almost limitless possibilities of building Integrated experiences that are highly engaging across multiple channels and languages.

  • With the REST-first native web services, your Drupal 8 platform can now Interact with countless applications.
  • Progressive decoupling can now unfetter you from back-end restrictions without sacrificing security and accessibility.
  • Improve your Marketing metrics by building Fast, High-performing secure Digital experience powered by enhanced entity caching and better integration with CDNs and reverse proxies.
  • Drupal 8 is built on Mobile First approach and is now powerful for both end users and admins. Users get to experience mobile-friendly content and Admins now get more powers to work on Drupal installations from their mobile devices.

Get The best Team to migrate your Drupal Installation

Valuebound has been one of the Top Global Contributor to Drupal 8 Platform. And the Team here knows every little things that are important and critical to the Migration Process.

100% Drupal Dev Company

Since it’s inception 7 years ago, Valuebound has been a core Drupal Development company. We are heavily invested in the Drupal Ecosystem and have been consistent Top Global Contributor to Drupal.


100% Enterprise Focus

At Valuebound, we work with some of the most reputed Enterprise clients where the benchmarks are very stringent and requirement are very demanding. We, therefore, focus on performance, security and scalability by default in any engagements.


100% Drupal Trained Professionals

At Valuebound, every associate has to go through compulsory Drupal Training to build their proficiency in Drupal. Every Associate has to contribute to Drupal as part of their KRAs. So every associate who is deployed on a project have mature and deep understanding of the platform.


Specialized Migration Team

We have a Team which has tinkered, tweaked and worked on Migration Issues. The team has successfully implemented several large and complex Migration Projects. They can anticipate and find a solution for most of the challenges during such transitions. 



Custom Drupal Development

Valuebound team loves to arrive at elegant solutions for any complex or large Drupal implementation challenges. They can apply themselves to help clients with solutions that are fast, robust and mitigate project risks. The team is well versed with a wide range of Agile Processes and tools to align with processes and tools at the client end.


Drupal Strategy Consulting

Valuebound has Consulting Leaders who have worked on various Enterprise assignments, helping clients exploit the potential of the Drupal Platform in their Marketing and CMS building efforts. The team has mature capability to Map out and Navigate your Enterprise journey in Drupal for most optimal outcomes.

Valuebound is heavily invested in the Drupal Ecosystem

300 +

Drupal Commits

35 +

Drupal Projects Launched

60 +


'' Over the years, I have been trying to build a Team of Technologist who is passionate about Open Source, specifically Drupal. I do feel the best days of Drupal are here. I and my Team at Valuebound would love to help you navigate into the future of high-performing Marketing Platforms and immersive digital experience.

Neeraj Kumar

CEO and Chief Drupaler, Valuebound


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