Valuebound, a company that specializes in Drupal CMS development and support, partners with Thunder, designed by Europe's largest publishing house, Hubert Burda Media, as a Certified Thunder Integrator to manage and implement successful Thunder projects on a series of new websites. For today's consumers who are on a multi-channel and connected platform, Valuebound helps media and publishing enterprises in their digital transformation journey with proven expertise in content management framework.

Valuebound Partners With Thunder as CTI to Deliver Solution for Media CompaniesCertified Thunder Integrators (CTI) are IT consultancies, developers, agencies, and similar IT professionals with proven knowledge and practical experience in managing and implementing successful Thunder projects. CTIs need to be certified by the Thunder Core Team in order to be allowed to use the label 'Certified Thunder Integrator' and the associated badge to promote their services.

With a new website going live as the first one built with Thunder, Neeraj Kumar, the CEO of Valuebound says, "Our team is thrilled to be a part of the coalition and in the coming few weeks, there are going to be a couple more sites which are going to be live. It is an early and very useful distribution of Drupal 8 for the media industry, our focus for the coming future is going to be for the publishing and media companies and with the content management system Thunder, Valuebound will showcase some of the best projects from the industry."

With the collaboration of Valuebound and Thunder going strong from this week, Ingo Ruebe, CTO for Burda's German publishing operations, and initiator of Thunder say, "It's great to welcome Valuebound as Certified Thunder Integrator in the Thunder Coalition and to have a new partner in the United States and India. It is always good to know, that there are people out there, sharing our views and goals." Ingo further explains, "A CMS is no longer a strategic differentiator, especially in the consumer's perception. Thunder helps media companies break free from expensive legacy systems, and focus on the development of their content and brands."

Valuebound builds web platforms using the Drupal framework, helping create a new digital experience for media/publishing, pharma, and high-tech companies. As regular contributors to the Drupal community, they ensure that an enterprise content management platform is meeting the high standards stipulated by the community.

Thunder is a Drupal 8 distribution for professional publishers. It consists of the current Drupal 8 functionality, lots of useful modules from publishers and industry partners, and an environment that makes it easy to install, deploy and add new functionality. Industry partners, publishers, individuals, implementation partners, and the core team form the Thunder Coalition to enable publishers to deploy rich functionality for their products very quickly and at a reasonable cost.

About Valuebound: 

Valuebound, based out of West New York, NJ, with a development center in Bangalore, India, specializes in providing Drupal CMS consulting, Drupal development and support for media, publishing and high-tech companies. since February 2016, Valuebound has been consistently ranked in the top three Drupal service providers in the world and No. 1 in India at marketplace.

About Thunder: 

Thunder is a web-based, open-source, Drupal 8-based Content Management System setting new standards for publishers' CMS. As members of the Thunder Coalition, publishers, industry partners, and developers can leverage worldwide community collaboration to implement Thunder, build custom extensions and share them with the Coalition to further enhance Thunder. Thunder was designed by Hubert Burda Media in 2016.

About Thunder Coalition: 

Industry partners, publishers, individuals, implementation partners, and the core team form the Thunder Coalition. The Coalition discusses feature requests and offers, celebrates new launches, and is a platform for programmers and executives in the publishing industry. The goals of the coalition are

  • To enable publishers to deploy rich functionality for their products very quickly and at a reasonable cost,
  • To share functionality among publishers, fuelling the industry and providing excellent user experience with the individual content,
  • To enable industry partners to spread their outstanding services amongst publishers and to charge for premium services as the publishers grow, and
  • To enable implementation partners to gain knowledge about Thunder programming and implementation in order to provide services to publishers and industry partners.

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