Valuebound, a specialized Drupal CMS development company, today announced that it is a Silver sponsor of Twin Cities Drupal Camp 2018 (#TCDrupal). The four-day conference will take place from June 7 to 10 at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Twin Cities Drupal Camp 2018 is a premier event that brings together open source enthusiasts, designers, hackers, geeks, developers, UI experts, IT managers and anyone else interested in Drupal. The four-day conference in Minnesota will feature keynotes, sessions, code sprints, and free training.

Sujit Kumar, VP - Marketing at Valuebound commented, “This year at Drupal camp in Minneapolis, the focus has been on Decoupled Drupal and other recent developments around Drupal CMS. Some of the presentations are about explaining the experiences across Drupal implementations, which becomes a great learning platform for practitioners and marketers. We also are discussing on ROI of Drupal web development in some of the sessions, making it enriching for both the business owners and the marketers.”

Valuebound, which has been on the forefront of Drupal-based innovations, third-party integrations, enterprise implementations etc., has been working extensively on Drupal 8 from early beta release days.

The conference will comprise tracks on Getting started, Site building, Back-end design & development, Front-end design & development, DevOps, Project management, Business and Community wellness. Other sessions will be on Drupal 8 content migrations, Upgrading local development environment with DDEV, Intro to Backdrop CMS, Component-based theming, Progressive decoupling, Configuration management, and GDPR. 

About Twin Cities Drupal Camp

The most-awaited event - Twin Cities Drupal Camp 2018 - is a platform for open source enthusiasts, designers, hackers, geeks, developers, UI experts, IT managers and others in Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. Since its debut in 2011, the event has gained global traction from top Drupal companies, contributors, and business owners.

About Valuebound  

Valuebound specializes in Drupal CMS consulting, development and dedicated managed support for media & publishing, e-commerce, and high-tech companies. A regular contributor to the Drupal community, Valuebound is one of the top companies in the Drupal marketplace based on commits to Drupal ecosystem. Valuebound also helps in organizing numerous local DrupalCamps and Drupal User Groups across the globe.