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5 Drupal Tools to Help you with Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages are usually connected to online advertisement campaigns or online target marketing strategies that are instrumental in directing new visitors/prospective leads to a website. Landing Page Optimization in the internet marketing parlance refers to the optimization of a landing page in order to improve the lead conversion rates. The landing pages can also be linked to promotional content on a social media page or an email-marketing campaign for consumer-directed targeting.

Drupal CMS offers a multitude of solutions that can be customized and integrated with your Drupal properties for effective Landing Page Optimization.


The Panels module is equipped with a pluggable caching mechanism with options to create customized layouts for multiple uses. It has a drag and drop content manager that lets you create a visual design of a layout and place content in it. You can integrate this module with other systems to create nodes while the layout of a page can be customized with extremely fine-grained permissions.

# Login Destination

This module redirects a user to a specific page after they have logged in or registered onto a website. The destination can vary from being an internal page or an external URL. Login Destination makes it feasible for a user to stay on a page that they have recently visited even after they have logged out.

# Multivariate

The Multivariate module facilitates the setting up of multivariate or A/B style testing studies that can be performed on live sites to check the effectiveness of interfaces. It can be deeply integrated with Drupal to allow for A/B and Multivariate testing. This module has been found to be exceptionally powerful when compared to external solutions. You can run multiple test cases simultaneously while A/B split testing for the best-optimized landing page version.

# Visual Website Optimizer

This module lets you optimize a landing page with minimal coding capabilities. An easy to use A/B testing tool, Visual Website Optimizer is equipped with a WYSIWYG editor and a point and click test designer that helps in creating multiple variations. The tagless integration feature of this module significantly reduces the repeated upload of code snippets during A/B tests.

# Panelizer

This module allows you to attach panels to any node in the system. It further provides you with the options of customizing the content and design while still retaining the Drupal node editing structure. Panelizer is maintainable via Features is managed with Drush and Git at the back end. A highly exportable module, Panelizer can be used to build a landing page with dynamic content structures. It offers key solutions that are instrumental in creating high converting landing pages.

A landing page is an indispensable tool in a digital marketer’s toolkit. A/B split testing has gained a favorable reputation as a landing page optimization technique that helps in streamlining a direct marketing campaign. In addition, the behavioral targeting can be combined with testing to drive higher rates of conversions through effective imagery and calls to action. If you are set to embark on a marketing campaign with a resolve to extract the maximum value from every dollar spent on it, we can help you create Optimized Landing Pages for the same.

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