Creating Home page and basic pages

Creating Home page and basic pages

Creating a home page or front page in Drupal 8 is quite similar to the way we used to do Drupal 7. By default home page will list out all the nodes in teaser view. We just need to create a new page and schedule it  to display on page or you can also promote other node  to be displayed on home page. However, most of time we would like to have a custom page as our site home page not like listing of teaser view. In this blog post I will explain the process of changing the front page of your new Drupal 8 website.

Step 1 :  Log into your Drupal 8    
Step 2 : select “manage”  menu from the toolbar from   the main menu on the top.


Under manage there is option of  “configuration



Step 3 : clicking on configuration will redirect you to Home >> Administration
click on “site information” under SYSTEM. Under Front Page provide the Default Front page url & that page would be assigned as home page for our site.

I have assigned node id 4 to display as page.


After entering the chosen node, click on the Save Configuration. Now when you click the site logo or Home menu link, you should see the newly assigned node as home page.

Default page: when we don’t have any assigned page in our site setting in that case user page of logged in user  itself becomes the front page of your drupal site.




Creating a Basic page

Step 1: To add Basic page  go to content >> Add content >> Basic Page


Step 2: If you would like to add some additional field on Basic page click on Structure >> Content types >> Basic page >>  Manage fields >> Add field



Step 3: Let's add one email field for basic page with label “Mail”. For this we need to go to admin >> structure >> types >> manage >> page  >> fields and click on Add field.


Step 4: Limit the no of values for email field. In this case I am limiting it to 2


Step 5: Next we will change label name, help text, default value etc for the fields we added above.



Step 6: So now we are done with adding the field,.we can view the field under page manage field tab.


Step 7: Add a new page by visiting https://drupal-8.0.2/node/add/page .
we can see our newly added two mail field with default value. Fill up all the detail and Save and Publish the page.


Step 8: Once basic page has been submitted you will be redirected to node view page.


We have completed how to assign a specific node to Home page  as well as create a new basic page.