Display node count

Display node count by content type using Drupal views in 5 steps

In previous post we have used Drupal views to create block displaying node count values for taxonomy terms. Now I am going to show how we can configure similar block to count number of nodes by content type.

  1. Add  “Content: Type (type) under Fields Section.
    Add Content: Type (type) under Fields Section
  2. Configure field: Content: Type.

Configure field: Content: Type

  1. Under Contextual Filter add context “Content: Type”
    Under Contextual Filter add context “Content: Type”
  2. Configure contextual filter: Content: Type.
    By Selecting Display a Summary  under “When the filter value is NOT available”. By default option was checked for “Display record count with link” & Apply changes.
    Configure contextual filter: Content: Type

    Now the preview should have started showing up.
    Preview node count
  3. Saved Configuration to Apply Changes. You are done!

    Now just assign view block to specific region.