Drupal 8 - A Milestone in Flexibility, Performance and Enhanced Experience!

Drupal 8 - A Milestone in Flexibility, Performance and Enhanced Experience!

Drupal 8 is the latest and greatest release of World’s most widely used enterprise CMS. The best of Drupal yet was released on 19th of Nov 2015. Being an active part of the Drupal community, Valuebound takes immense pleasure in the release of Drupal 8.

Many things have already been talked about the latest version of world’s fastest growing enterprise CMS that provide great digital experience. All being of course essential and important, it is also necessary to provide an insight into what’s there in our new protagonist because in the end it’s the functionality that makes something great!

Let’s start with mobile phone users. There are 3.2 billion internet users and when we double the number that is, around 7 billion, what we get is the number of mobile cellular subscriptions worldwide, not to mention it has large number of smartphone users at present and near future. The numbers are humongous and hence it was very important that this community is served well. Drupal 8 leaves no stones unturned when it comes to experience on mobile. It is snappy on mobile phones and features are completely mobile-friendly where REST API supports editing of large portfolio of sites.

For companies, it has become very important to know what their customers think of them and encourage engagement. Understanding this need the new Drupal 8 has extended its content structuring system by enabling site managers to attach more fields like phone number, email etc that will enhance dialogue.

With its ever increasing popularity globally and being an open source CMS it was essential that it address the multilingual community's needs and well to tell that drupal 8 not only speaks your language but it modifies itself according to the user while making sure it is completely secure with consistent updates from its ever increasing user communities.

Its file system-based configuration system will seamlessly assist in bringing new changes so important to stay relevant in the business. It also provides centralized control for rich Internet applications. Views which is one of the very popular Drupal add-on has been made more integrative by bringing it into the core CMS.

Users can export entities in JSON or XML. Enhanced authentication by HTTP. with much more modern and more focussed code i.e classes, interfaces also embracing the latest PHP standards and equipped with best of breed libraries (to write and debug codes easily). Features like new NavBar Module (for content administrators) and Quick edit makes it an apex performer.

Drupal 8 has set new standards in its area of operation which addresses previous concerns regarding scalability and efficiency. More we will explore with time. Thanks to all the sung and unsung heroes whose hard work has created it. Kudos!