drupal virtual contribution hour

Drupal Contribution Hour at Valuebound: 2019

Drupal is gaining adoption in enterprises. Drupal 9, which will be released in June 2020, should speed up the adoption even further. Drupal 8.6 released last year September included major improvements in the layout system, new media features, and better migration support. 

The biggest hindrance to the growth of Drupal is the availability of quality developers. With more and more enterprise companies adopting Drupal for various business application including CMS, intranet, extranet & commerce, there is an increased need for experienced Drupal site builders, developers, and themers. To continue the growth momentum, as a community we need to work towards building a bigger talent pool of good Drupal developers. We need to introduce Drupal to more and more people early in their career. Each and every coder becomes the master in his field by experience, developing technical skills, solving difficult problems, being aggressive to learn and teach others. 

Drupal also provides a unique perspective to build a personal brand for every developer - that also by doing what they are comfortable - coding.  

According to the developers, being an open-source contributor is a key selling point in your professional skills. One of the popular open-source CMS is Drupal. Drupal is a growing platform with 1.37 million members and 114,000 members are actively contributing.

We at Valuebound have taken the advice of Kristen Senz, Researcher at Harvard Business School, by heart. - “Companies that contribute and give back learn how to better use the open-source software in their own environment.” and Organized Drupal Contribution Hour on 25th May, 22nd June, and 18th July along with a host of wannabe Drupal devs as well as mentors where we introduced, how everyone can contribute. We helped them to select issues, setup git and creating patches as well as committing the code. 

Bravo! We touched 40+ issues in the last few months and the team submitted patches to the below-mentioned issues. Few of them has been accepted by the maintainer of the issue. 


It’s not the 4 hours game, many of them have been working after that too and will be asking us queries. If you are a Drupal Developer reading this, drop a comment to gain access to the issues list, 

Ohh I forgot to mention, I am new to Drupal and have started feeling the love of the Drupal community, experiencing the true joy of making my minor contribution to this world by organizing this event. We ended up the day with the resolve to continue the tradition every 3rd Thursday of the month. Till then continue working on patches team have picked up which require more time.