Drupal Global Training Day: Valuebound does it with fun!

Drupal Global Training Day: Valuebound does it with fun!

Valuebound, in association with Bangalore Drupal User Group conducted a Free Drupal Training on 21st Nov 2015 on the occasion of Drupal Global Training Day.

The Training was held as a part of fostering awareness about the World’s leading CMS platform, Drupal.

Keeping in view the Drupal popularity, Valuebound wanted the training to be all-inclusive and we made sure that there should be something for everyone to learn, i.e. not just for veteran coder but also for newbies and aspirants who might be looking its future in Drupal. It was attended by around 30 people which included Freshers, PHP Developers, Job seekers and of course Drupal developers. It turned out to be better than what was expected as many of the trainees came from outside of Bengaluru!

The session began at 10.30 am and was hosted by Aneesh, who is a Sr. Drupal Consultant at Valuebound and Malabya also Drupal Consultant at Valuebound. Training was provided on topics viz;

  • About Drupal
  • Drupal community and the career opportunities that exist in India
  • Building your first website in Drupal
  • Introduction to newly released Drupal 8 and its newly added features

We also celebrated the launch of Drupal 8 after the training session. The cakes and refreshments were welcomed by everyone. The celebration also included photo event to make the launch event memorable. Valuebound was very glad at the successful completion of the event and will look forward to take more of similar opportunities in future to make the Drupal community bigger.