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Enhance profitability - Drupal's capabilities beyond Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an indispensable tool for business, and a must for every enterprise CMS platform. No search engine has yet been able to rival google as the immediate, instinctive choice of billions of users. Drupal, with it’s strictly vetted collection of modules, has thousands of contributed modules on that have been approved only after repeated revisions as stipulated by other developers and authorities on Drupal. This is done to ensure security, robustness and quality and perfect integrability with the Drupal core. These modules include a number that extend and enhance Google Analytics capabilities to make it much more powerful than its original form.

It’s only the person who fully uses the best system who  knows how much better it needs to be - Rakhee.S

Now, suppose, you want to specifically target China, the largest market in the world, and need something like Google analytics specifically for China. All you have to do is search for a Drupal module that can do this task - in this case, the Baidu Analytics module.  While Drupal does have a strong, frequently updated Google Analytics module, so does every other CMS, What sets Drupal apart is that every extra analytics need you have will never be limited by the Drupal framework in terms of fast, lean, upgradeable development. Just a quick couple of examples showing how a Drupal developer can enhance your Analytics capabilities:

Suppose you want to know something about people sending you emails. And you do not wish to have to search your web logs to retrieve information and IP address and what hits you’ve got from the latter. You can add a Drupal module that instantly appends all such information instantly to the footer of this email.

Now, Google prohibits sending personally identifiable information to their server, which can be problematic if you need to create a direct relationship between a specific conversion and the campaign associated with that conversion. Just choose a Drupal module made to capture detailed information about the conversion to a database which will display conversion data to web site managers in the administration screens . This conversion data is also available for you write custom reports.

Should you wish to tweak a Google Analytics module, or want something similar with a different benefit, all you have to do is find a Drupal developer who has had his or her modules approved and accepted by the community after their stringent vetting procedures, and rest reassured that you will gain a great product seamlessly merging with the Drupal core. The Drupal framework has been specially focussed towards facilitating innovation and enhancements of existing or impending  marketing tools. This is because the developer-oriented framework of Drupal accommodates the most advanced of development efforts to give you a cutting edge enterprise CMS platform.

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