How Drupal will help you win the Technology race?

For most business owners, finding ways to manage their web content and creating a beautiful website can be a disconcerting and time consuming task. The road to success is in making smarter use of existing technology platforms that enhance engagement, improve outcomes and reduce system wide costs.

Drupal offers unique ability to provide an intuitive, fully integrated and cost effective solution that can adapt to the ever changing needs of Business. Many business operate on legacy systems that are slow and inefficient. Drupal is an open source software that benefit digital business and today that means every kind of business.

Drupal is an excellent tool for building and operating a wide range of client facing websites and corporate intranet sites.

The key ways Drupal will help you win

Continuous Innovation

With good community support and over 6,30,000 users and developers constantly contributing to Drupal platform, it is continuously growing and improving. Community driven nature of drupal help you break free the barriers to innovation development through collaboration.  

With each improved version of Drupal, it has continuously innovated and have resulted in a framework designed specifically to support enterprise sites and more. A phenomenal group of really smart folks works to ensure that this content management system stays cutting-edge always.  

Cost Efficiency 

As with all things in life, staying under budget is a vital part of the equation. Drupal as open source platform will help you save your cost. Drupal open source platform is free to download, use and share. The advantage is in long term, that the agency will save huge cost for licensing websites.

Drupal is being developed and maintained by large community group, so thousands of modules and extensions are available for free in the community. The technologies are contributed and updated all the time. So your business website will have no outdated technology.

Risk Mitigation  

Drupal has justified itself as a secure and strong medium for enterprise needs. Infact Drupal core systems have been strengthened to mitigate common vulnerabilities. It addresses critical security risks with professionally audited methods.

Drupal security team works along with the drupal community to rectify any security issues found in the code hosted on Drupal.org. The published security advisories disclose vulnerabilities and weaknesses in core and contributed core separately and provide mitigation solutions.  

Through the power of single sign on, drupal can be leveraged to give users the ability to access all the systems, they are permitted to access with one password and one username from one central sign on location. Think of facebook as an example. This limits password fatigue and potential compliance risks based on human errors.

Drupal can be a conduit for your data throughout your entire system. By tying the disparate source together through sophisticated integrations, drupal can provide a 360 degree view to any critical data within a single pane of glass platforms. This can provide the organisation, any necessary information within their organisation, system wide access and lower cost of ownership by reducing the overhead of managing multiple platforms.  

Extensibility and Interoperability

Drupal is renowned for its extensibility, flexibility and integration power. Drupal can connect with multiple systems extending the functionality of each through a seamless integration of numerous platforms. Through seamless integration Drupal can extend  legacy platform while mitigating IT disruption and switching costs.  

Improved flexibility and adaptability are the two factors that makes drupal so unique and different.  Drupal is an incredibly flexible and powerful tool that lends itself very well to customization.

A solution built on drupal framework eliminates vendor lock in and allows any organization to rapidly adjust to new trends in technology environments. For eg: If there is demand for a video chat feed, but the explicit functionality does not exist, then Drupal’s flexibility allows it to rapidly adapt to meet those needs.  

Rather than being locked into a closed system, Drupal gives you the freedom to build upon the framework and create a truly engaging platform to satisfy your needs with ease. It will lower your cost burden systemwide and ultimately provides interoperability between systems which can improve efficiencies and data portability.

Access Management 

Drupal has highly granular and customizable permission settings which allows high level of control and access to each section of application. Drupal’s role based permission system provides granular control over a significant number of user actions. This system is extensible and can be enhanced to fit particular needs that are unique from site to site and user to user.

Drupal allows permissions to be programmatically set and administratively overridden, which allows for roles of varying functions on the application from content viewing, to editing and deleting. Permission settings can be configured on a per content type level, so a user may be able to view one data field, but not another, based on his or her permission settings. Thus it gives you and your user a good control and access over your website.

These factors prove both in theory and in practice, how businesses are implementing and benefitting from Drupal today. Drupal provides a rich digital experience irrespective of your business, which help you stay ahead of the competition.

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