How To Identify If Your Website Needs A Redesign or Revamp?

How To Identify If Your Website Needs A Redesign or Revamp?

A Website is one of the most powerful marketing tools and when your website is no longer serving its purpose it is time to consider redesigning the website. After a few years of successfully running your organization’s website, you may be considering a plan to develop a new website. However, you do not need a whole new website as a company we are striving to solve business problems, maintaining, and upgrading a website. Most companies have developed websites with a strong foundation and therefore, reworking your existing website can save cost and be one of the efficient ways to lead your business to success

How To Identify If Your Website Needs A Redesign or Revamp?

  1. Branding Disconnect

Organizations need to change their branding over time to evolve with the changing market. As an organization, you must ensure to enhance your website with the same user experience. As a business ensure to create a positive experience for your visitors to convert them into a lead.

2.   Difficult to navigate

Navigation on your website is a critical aspect of web development. Users need to have an easy experience while they are on a website. If your website is creating any kind of disconnect at any level for your users it may create confusion and frustration for your visitors. This will also affect brand credibility. When website navigation is got its basic right a visitor will have a great experience. 

3.  It's not responsive and It needs new functionality.

In today's time, your website must be responsive for mobile devices. When your website is not mobile responsive it diminishes the value of your website. Your website needs to evolve with multiple tools that can simplify the life of your users. Integration of software and tools allows your business to scale.

4.  It’s a Legacy Website

Every website has a set expiration date and your website must go through an upgrade from time to time. If your website is more than 5 years then it is probably time for you to consider a complete revamp.

5.  Security solicitudes

If you are on a legacy website it holds a lot of security issues as the existing code may not be of the advanced security standards. If you are on those businesses that value your business security you must consider redesigning your website security. 

6. Your website is slow with Poor User Experience. 

The speed at which your website loads affects your business heavily. This also affects the user experience. A functional website with a good user experience can enhance your business potential 2x. Ensure to test your website's load time quarterly to ensure that there are no issues that can hamper your business. 

If your business is facing any of these challenges, 2 or more then you must consider revamping your website to an advanced version to scale your business and improve your user experience. To upgrade or develop a new website contact us today, and we will be happy to review and share our insights.