From Intern to SDE2: My Growth Story at Valuebound

Hey there I am Ahmad! I'm from Kadod, a small town in Surat, Gujarat. I did my BCA from UTU and MCA from REVA in Bangalore. Let me take you back to the time when I was in my final year and going through placement drives.



The Placement Drive Turning Point

I remember the 18th company that came to our college was Valuebound. As I attended interviews with various companies,and cleared the initial rounds, and I was confused. So, I turned to Glassdoor for some guidance. What caught my attention were the values of empathy and continuous learning at Valuebound. Intrigued, I looked into the CEO's profile of Valuebound. I was impressed with the potential for personal growth and learning.

Embracing the Full Stack Developer Role 

Joining as a Full Stack Developer, I witnessed Valuebound's evolution from a Drupal-centric firm to a multifaceted tech powerhouse. The interview process was a breeze, culminating in an engaging conversation with the leadership team. Starting as an intern, I rapidly climbed to an SDE2 position in just two years.

The Remote Work Revolution 

Valuebound's remote work option was a game-changer. And it's truly a people's company – the support is there when you need it, and the benefits are abundant. This being my first job, I've grown to love it. Remote work has given me the flexibility I cherish, balancing my personal and professional life.

Work-Life Balance: The Key to Success

I believe in the importance of a work-life balance, and that's a key factor in my success. I cherish spending quality time with family and friends, and I'm an avid video game enthusiast. Being a hardcore foodie, I love traveling for the sole purpose of eating and exploring. These breaks keep me refreshed, preventing the burnout that many in our industry face.


The Pandemic: A Test of Resilience and Support

Joining during the COVID era, remote opportunities were relatively new. However, it turned out to be the best thing for me. Commuting in tier 1 cities can be a major hassle, and I saved not just money but also my health by staying home and enjoying homemade food. And when my family member fell ill, Valuebound showed exceptional care. I was granted a week's leave without any questions asked. It was then that I realized how much they care, not just for their employees but for their families too.

Continuous Learning and Recognition

Valuebound’s commitment to continuous learning has been instrumental. My mentor, Rahul Verma, was pivotal in my development, guiding me through unknown technologies like React and GrapesJs. The learning curve was steep but immensely rewarding. Earning the Bright Sparks Award in 2021 for completing a challenging project was a high point, a testament to the company's recognition of hard work.


In a nutshell for me Valuebound is not just a workplace; it's a supportive family that values growth, recognizes efforts, and truly cares for its people and their families. And that's why I chose to stay and thrive here!