A Journey Through Eight Years of Learning and Growth

Eight years ago, my adventure began. Like a curious explorer, I delved into the mysteries of Drupal 6. It was a world brimming with potential, and I was eager to absorb every bit of knowledge it offered.  

Bridging the Career Pause, Embracing the Future at Valuebound

Life's journey took a tender turn as I embraced motherhood. Stepping away from work to care for my child was filled with joy, but also a longing for the career I was passionate about. Going back to work after a break can be daunting, with questions about the gap looming over. The thought of returning to work after such a break was intimidating, but Valuebound saw the potential in me, not just my career gap.

Career pause
Leap of Faith - Mastering Drupal 8 Rising Above Uncertainty

The interview was a chance to prove myself, an assignment in Drupal 8, a version unknown to me. Mahaveer, now the principal engineer, had confidence in me, and with determination, I embraced Drupal 8 within a month. Valuebound took a chance on me, and I proved that the risk was worthwhile.

Celebrating Milestones - Awards That Echoed Empowerment

In 2021, the Best CEO Excellence Award was a milestone, followed by the Best Team Award in 2022. These weren't just accolades; they were victories for every woman out there striving for success in a professional world. Valuebound, with its supportive environment, stood as a beacon of possibilities.

Celebrating Milestones

Work-Life Balance at Valuebound - Finding Harmony Amidst Chaos

Work-life balance is not just a concept at Valuebound; it's a reality. As women, we juggle multiple roles, and it's crucial to find a workplace that understands the delicate balance between family and career. Valuebound's culture of work-life balance became my anchor during the tumultuous times of the pandemic. Juggling personal loss and professional commitments was challenging, but the support from my workplace was unwavering, enabling me to maintain resilience in both spheres.



The Fortune 500 Project - Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

A daunting project with a Fortune 500 company initially tested my limits. But the unwavering support from my team at Valuebound was a catalyst for success, leading to a satisfying and ongoing collaboration with the client.


More Than Just a Workplace

Valuebound is more than a workplace; it's a second family. The emotional bonds, the recognition of our efforts, and the thoughtful gestures. A personal moment etched in my memory is when my promotion letter reached my dad with a note. His pride became my strength, a testament to the importance of family values. This highlighted the deep-rooted values and support system within the company.



Breaking the Shell of Shyness

Joining Valuebound marked the start of a transformative journey. From a shy individual to a confident leader, I expanded my horizons, contributing to Drupal, engaging in public speaking, and leading teams, proving that gender is not a barrier to personal and professional growth.


Envisioning the Unthinkable

Looking back, the evolution from my initial days to now seems almost surreal. Being in the fifth grade of my career, I feel empowered and fulfilled, constantly embracing new learnings.
For me, professional and personal growth, coupled with a balanced life, is the recipe for job satisfaction. Every challenge at Valuebound morphs into a growth opportunity, enhancing my professional journey.


A Message to All Women - Overcoming and Triumphing



Today, as I stand at this stage of my career, I want every woman to know that the journey may have challenges, but it's in overcoming them that we find our true strength. Recognize that professional growth and personal development are intertwined, and a supportive workplace can be the key to true satisfaction.

As I advance in my career, I eagerly anticipate the lessons, achievements, and celebrations yet to come. It’s a journey of inspiring not just myself but all women, proving that “The world is ours to conquer, and together, we rise”.