Drupal in a day training

Valuebound conducting Drupal in a day training at AMC Engineering College, Bangalore on 22nd Feb, 2014

Valuebound, in association with AMC Engineering College, Bangalore will be conducting a Drupal in a day training for the students of IT & related courses. This training will introduce Drupal as a content management system that is the leading choice of complex, large-scale, high-volume websites.

During this workshop you will learn

  • Basic Drupal terminology (blocks, taxonomy, aliases, and more)
  • Managing content and users
  • Adding automatic image resizing
  • Configuring popular Drupal modules
  • Constructing a Drupal site

Through this interactive 8-hour session, we intend to give potential and beginning users a hands-on experience in configuring popular Drupal modules and in creating a Drupal site. We hope to create enough of an interest in Drupal among the students to help them visualize it as part of their educational and career aspirations.

Session Details:

Date: Feb 22, 2013
Timings: 9AM to 5PM
Location: AMC Engineering College
Phone:   +91 (808) 804-8711
Email: info@valuebound.com

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