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Valuebound launches Drupal based eCommerce Site for Microchips Australia

Valuebound Interactive has built an e-commerce website for Microchips Australia. This site is based on Drupal 6 and Ubercart, a Drupal e-commerce platform. A customized theme was designed and developed to showcase the strength of a client business vision. In addition we implemented a few unique featues like -

  • The products can be bought online or a quote can be requested for the same.
  • A buyer can shop online for both type of products i.e."Add to Cart" as well as "Add to Quote" variants.
  • The mode of payment for “Add to Cart” category products is via Eway and to complete an order.
  • If some products in the shopping cart belong to “Add to Quote” along with a few “Add to Cart” variants, the order will be processed as a free order with the following message under the tab “Payment not applicable until the quote item prices are detailed”.
  • Products like microchips can be priced based on the quantity of an order placed by a customer.
  • The payment options available can vary from using an official Purchase Order Number to paying by credit card.
  • The option of placing an order for a product may vary based on the login options under different categories. For example, if Dr Smith logs in under “vet” category, he can now see the prices (applicable for vets) for Trovan Companion Animal microchips and can order directly from the website via “Add to Cart” but for other users it will still be "Add to Quote".

About Microchips Australia

Microchips Australia is a top notch distributor for Trovan Companion Animal Microchips and Readers. After its establishment in 1989 Microchips Australia diversified into making applications meant to aid wildlife research, laboratory testing and RFID animal identification. The implantable microchips supplied by the company are helpful in tracking lost pets and wildlife by utilizing the services of Central Animal Records, a nationally accredited animal microchip registry with a nationwide animal recovery database.

About Valuebound

An innovative enterprise level web solutions provider, Valuebound has gone from strength to strength as reflected in the projects we have undertaken. Valuebound is committed to turbofire your business initiatives with its Drupal based responsive website solutions. For more information on our services Contact Us.