VB360, our homegrown product, help our employees

VB360: Valuebound’s vision towards transparent performance management system

As custodian of the people function, it is crucial for Valuebound to align our people offering with the core values of the organization and the business objectives. While empathy, excellence and continuous learning will be the guiding principles in our objectives. As an organisation  propelled for exponential growth both in terms of numbers and technology footprint, it becomes crucial that our people's practices are consistent and there is a continuous feedback mechanism that aids systemic corrections in a timely fashion. VB360, our homegrown product directly impacts our employees, and can be used like any other interactive media and performance management system. VB360 is a Drupal 8 application and enables employees to remain in correspondence with one another.

While we have spent the first quarter of 2021 streamlining some key process that directly impact employees’ professional life at Valuebound like reward and recognition program, performance management and learning made rewarding, we are also focussed on creating employee centric experiences beyond work space with programs like Speed mentoring with manager, team huddles , focus group with HR. These are some initiatives that help us stay connected with our teams beyond work and help recreate the bonding of in-person interactions. Valuebound remains solidly focussed on employees’ personal-professional prepositions by bringing in that equilibrium at the workplace.

VB360 is our indigenous HRMS product. Our team stitched together the fabric of most popular HRMS modules, i.e.- Core HR, onboarding, performance management, benefits administration, workforce management, learning and development, talent management and HR analytics under one platform to make it easier and smoother for our employees to transition into the ecosystem of Valuebound.

But what stands us out from the league is employee engagement features. We bring in a range of interactive features, which makes VB360 an in-house social interaction portal. It’s like our own LinkedIn, where our employees can post photos, videos and interesting articles for social interaction. The features include ‘Kudos’ which acknowledges out-of-the-box employees. VB360 is our in-house party and work balance.

At the core of VB360 is the quarterly assessment performance management mechanism, which enables employees to set goals before they start. Additionally, it allows managers to track performance, and ensure 100% transparency and accountability. The product enables continuous feedback mechanism, which makes it possible for our employees to chart a successful career journey.

In context with this, our HR Head, Sunilee Kallianpur says, “VB360 is a goal setting idea of Valuebound’s leadership team. The product is a work-in-progress, and has allowed our firm to change the way we assess performance. It has also made the appraisal process more transparent.” Further she adds, “VB360 is more about a mindset change, than anything else. It helps our people in having clear conversations.”

VB 360 consists of Valuebound’s vision and people-centric approach. The product is a successful collaborative team effort; and yet an in-progress tool that helps our employees adapt to a new performance management system.