Women's Day Blog Series: Women Technologists in the Drupal World

Welcome to our blog series on Women Technologists in the Drupal World on the special occasion of International Women’s Day, 8th March 2023! In this series, we'll be exploring the experiences and contributions of women who work with Drupal, a popular content management system used by organizations around the world.

Despite the many advancements in technology and the growing demand for skilled professionals, women continue to be underrepresented in the tech industry. However, there are many women who have made significant contributions to the Drupal community, and we want to celebrate their accomplishments and learn from their experiences.

Throughout this series, we'll be talking to women in Valuebound who have worked with Drupal in various capacities, including as developers, designers, project managers, and community members.

We'll be asking them about their journeys, insights into the Drupal world, and the challenges and opportunities they have faced. Join us in celebrating Women Technologists in the Drupal World on International Women's Day 2023! Explore the experiences and contributions of women in Drupal, and initiatives for diversity and inclusion at Valuebound.

We hope that this series will inspire and encourage more women to pursue careers in technology and get involved in the Drupal community. Stay tuned for our first post, where we'll be talking about the challenges of women technologists and how Valuebound supports these ‘DrupalChix’.

Challenges of Women Technologists

Women have made significant strides in technology over the past few decades. However, there is still a long way to go to achieve gender equality in this industry. Drupal, an open-source content management system, is no exception. While there are many talented women technologists working in the Drupal world, they still face various challenges.

Gender Gap: According to a study by the National Center for Women and Information Technology, women hold only 26% of the computing workforce. The Drupal community has recognized that women are underrepresented and has taken steps to address it. The Drupal Diversity and Inclusion Group, for example, is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion within the Drupal community.

Lack of Representation:  Women's contributions are often overlooked, and their work may be attributed to their male colleagues. Additionally, women are less likely to be invited to speak at conferences and events, limiting their opportunities to share their knowledge and expertise.

Now many women technologists are making significant contributions to the Drupal community. Women like Donna Benjamin, a Drupal Association Board member, and Rachel Lawson, the Drupal Association's Community Liaison, are among the most influential members of the Drupal community. They work tirelessly to promote diversity and inclusion in Drupal and provide opportunities for women to contribute to the community.

Modules and Themes for Women’s Needs in the Drupal world: How does Valuebound Support

One of the ways that women are making an impact in the Drupal world is by creating modules and themes that are tailored to women's needs. For example, the "Women in Tech" module highlighted women's contributions to technology and inspired others to pursue careers in this field. Similarly, the "Women of Drupal" theme showcases women's achievements in the Drupal community.

Drupal Diversity and Inclusion Group

Women are also leading Drupal initiatives that focus on critical social issues. For example, the Drupal Diversity and Inclusion Group is working to create a more inclusive and diverse community by promoting diversity in leadership, speaking opportunities, and events. The Drupal Association's Community Working Group is dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming community for all Drupal users, regardless of their gender, race, or sexual orientation.

At Valuebound, The Drupal Group fosters diversity & inclusion in the community through initiatives that empower underrepresented groups and create a more welcoming environment.

Women in Drupal Initiatives

To promote more women's participation in Drupal, various initiatives have been launched. For example, Drupal has the "Women in Drupal" initiative that provides mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities for women in the Drupal community. The initiative also organizes events and workshops that are designed to empower women in technology.

Valuebound is actively working to promote women's representation in the tech industry by creating opportunities for them to speak and participate in conferences and events. This helps showcase their expertise and insights while inspiring other women to pursue careers in technology.

As an illustration, during the Bengaluru edition of the DrupalCamp India Refresh 2022, Indra Patil, a Software Development Engineer, and Top Woman Drupal Contributor at Valuebound, singularly represented the company in attendance.



Women technologists have made significant contributions to the Drupal community, and their presence has become more visible in recent years. However, there is still a long way to go to achieve gender equality in this industry.

By promoting diversity and inclusion, providing opportunities for women to speak at events and conferences, and encouraging mentorship and networking, we can continue to attract and retain talented women technologists. Ultimately, it is up to all of us to work towards creating a more inclusive and equitable technology industry.