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CMS history
Ashutosh PrasadOctober 5, 2018

Content Management System: The Past, Present and The Future

Over the decades, the Content Management System has seen an unprecedented growth from static web pages built on HTML to customized sites developed using PHP to give personalized experience. Initially…

Drupal Web Accessiblity
MahipalOctober 2, 2018

Make Your Drupal 8 Website Accessible To All

Have you ever thought about how people with visual & auditory impairment or cognitive or physical disabilities access websites? People with disabilities can access the web as we do only when a…

Drupal Commerce
Ashutosh PrasadSeptember 14, 2018

10 Great Examples of Drupal Commerce Websites

Selling products online is not just about successful eCommerce, but managing data as well as customer engagement across the platform. Drupal integrated with Drupal commerce offers unprecedented…

Drupal Commerce

10 Great Examples of Drupal Commerce Websites

Ashutosh Prasad September 14, 2018
Medical device CMS
Ashutosh PrasadSeptember 4, 2018

Medical Device CMS - The What and Whys

In the traditional pharmaceutical business model, it seems like all the efforts were put into addressing the physicians needs to boost sales. However, the scenario has changed drastically in the past…

Medical device CMS

Medical Device CMS - The What and Whys

Ashutosh Prasad September 4, 2018
Buyer persona
Ashutosh PrasadAugust 31, 2018

Leverage Buyer Persona To Enhance Customer Experience

This post is the second in a series of our blog posts covering buyer persona and how to leverage it to enhance customer experience and boost user engagement on your website. In a B2B or a B2C…

Drupal In A Day Bangalore
Ashutosh PrasadAugust 28, 2018

Drupal In A Day: Free Training At Valuebound On 1 Sept 2018

We, at Valuebound - a Drupal web development company, are excited to conduct a free “Drupal in a day” training session on 1st September 2018, Saturday. The session is an initiative of Drupal…

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Learn Everything About User Persona
Ashutosh PrasadAugust 24, 2018

Building a Publishing Site: Learn Everything About User Persona

Face it. Your website isn’t for you but for your customers. You create your website to attract prospects that you can market to and later convert them into leads and then a customer. Everything from…

Content Strategy and UX To Boost Engagement
Ashutosh PrasadAugust 21, 2018

Enhance Your Content Strategy & UX To Boost Engagement

As a business owner or decision maker, it’s critical to take decisive action and revisit content strategy plan from scratch to help the business grow exponentially. A well-designed content strategy…

Cypress Semiconductor Sales Extranet

Cypress Semiconductors Extranet - Migration to Drupal 8 from ColdFusion

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Gokul N KAugust 21, 2018

Should I use Promises or Async-Await

I recently read a medium post where the author claimed that using async-await is better than using promises. While this might hold good in general cases, I think that generalisation was too broad and…


Should I use Promises or Async-Await

Gokul N K August 21, 2018
To randomize or not
Gokul N KAugust 20, 2018

Understanding randomGenerator functions for testing Javascript functions

Recently I had thrown a bounty for converting a flat json to a nested json. You can check more about it in the link below https://steemit.com/@mightypanda provided a solution to the same and won the…

Ad Blocking and advertising
Ashutosh PrasadAugust 10, 2018

Everything you need to know about ad blocking

AudienceProject, a Denmark-based marketing technology company, revealed that nearly 5% of mobile sessions were blocked in the U.S. in 2016. Germany has ranked high in desktop ad-blocking use. The…

Ad Blocking and advertising

Everything you need to know about ad blocking

Ashutosh Prasad August 10, 2018
Voice technology for publisher
Ashutosh PrasadAugust 7, 2018

Understanding Voice Technology And Why Publishing Companies Should Consider It

Voice technology has been with us for many years, but the failing of these systems prevented its adoption globally. However, the recent advances in disruptive technologies like Artificial…

enhance Ad Viewability
Ashutosh PrasadAugust 6, 2018

Best Practices To Enhance Ad Viewability In Digital Advertising

Getting your ad viewed by targeted audience shouldn't be a struggle when you are putting your best efforts on it. Also, it is not even a click-through or a conversion. Still why it is considered a…

Understanding npm in JavaScript
Gokul N KAugust 2, 2018

Understanding npm in Nodejs

I think npm was one of the reasons for quick adoption of nodejs. As of writing this article there are close 7,00,000 packages on npm. If you want more details about packages across different…

Understanding npm in JavaScript

Understanding npm in Nodejs

Gokul N K August 2, 2018