Brand Identity with Drupal

How to achieve unique Brand identity with Drupal CMS

Drupal is one of the most trustworthy and effective content management framework you can rely on, with a wide range of search engine friendly tools for impactful brand experience optimization. Nowadays, the web is becoming deeply integrated and more powered by social search than ever before. The search engine friendly architecture and open source nature of Drupal is making this CMS, the first choice for online branding.

More specifically, Drupal 8 is developed in order to deliver a consistent brand experience for your customers across multiple platforms. Also it will help you unify your brand experience and present it in a compelling and engaging manner.

Keys for Brand success

Socialising your Brand

Becoming social is an imperative for brands today, as being social is nowadays equated to global brand growth. After all every brand experience is intended to be fun and to make people happy, then only it will give you return in terms of growth.

Basically socialising your Brand means bringing a brand to your life socially.  But how will socialising help you win brand success? The key way to success is the direct social connection between the customer and the brand. Connecting with customers or users socially will make your customers feel like they have a say and that brands are listening to them. It will give your customers a feeling that their voice is directly reaching the brands i.e you.

Socialising is like a driving school, where customers are allowed to steer a bit, but the control is with the company brand. But the advantage is that it will help to create a big buzz as people would start to realize that, they could link directly not only to the brand online, but even to the founder and face of the brand.

Using Drupal for online branding will give your brand a consistent, modern, cross-platform and luxury standard. You can directly integrate a social sharing tool like “add this into your Drupal site” which will help you socialize your Brand. Thus it will allow readers to share contents within their network of friends, thereby increasing traffic and referrals to your website. This, in turn, provides brand exposure that leads more visitors to your website which helps generate new leads.


Hyper-personalization plays an important role in marketing and commerce. It means delivering individualized experience by connecting social signals with transaction history and online behavior.

For example, customers receiving personalised notification via smartphone, when they are just a few blocks away from your shop, regarding an offer for an item, they have recently added to the online shopping cart. Since they did not complete the purchase the day before, you get a better opportunity to provide some best offers today knowing that your customer is right around the corner. This is what is referred to as Hyper-personalized experience.

Personalized experiences like this will put your brand apart from the rest. With the right mix of technology and creativity, you can make the personalized digital experience a reality. Personalization based on social data, like the one explained above is revolutionary and a key for brand popularity.

Likewise you could realize the benefits of social search specifically for your brand. For this, you have to identify clear use cases and cater to those needs. Most brands are still working from personas, for which they can create content that are universally accepted by people who matches with characteristics of the other persona.

With Drupal platform, you can create brand identity which includes a robust set of unique and targetable attributes, that can be leveraged to customize content depending on intelligence, all in real time before the page renders. This means you can deliver contents to your site visitors, that is relevant to their interests and that represent your brand using Drupal. This can be achieved using Drupal taxonomy feature.

Now if your requirement is to add powerful user item based recommendations to your site, you can make use of advance and proven recommendation engine Apache mahout, the Recommender API for Drupal.

Content is the king and seamless experience across channels is the queen

Whether it be part of a digital marketing strategy or delivering actual product information, it is important to provide relevant content across channels seamlessly. What brands can focus on in near term is becoming content experts.

Your brand can make use of new ways to engage consumers, specifically by creating editorized content. For eg: Timex brand effectively sells Iron man watch collection by sponsoring athletes, who blog their running tips on timex site. Timex also creates videos that help athletes take advantage of their watch features. They then place their content on up and coming social sharing tools, thereby marking strong brand presence in social media. This marketing technique is referred as content syndication and is a key element for brand success.

Content syndication is the process of pushing your blog, site or video content into third-party sites including social media as a complete article, snippet, link or thumbnail. Drupal allows you to syndicate content from another Website with the help of Syndication Modules.

With Drupal it is even easy to publish contents that are easily accessible on multiple devices. Also using Drupal it is possible to integrate your site with other tools such as social media, customer relationship, email and campaign management system.

Drupal started as a content management system, but due to its continuous evolution and flexibility, it was redefined as a content management framework. With the ideal user experience it provides, Drupal can be considered more as a digital experience platform rather than a content management system.

Consistency is the key to success in online branding and that can be achieved using Drupal.

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