Reinventing Insurance Solutions via Seamless Digital Experiences
Case Study

Reinventing Insurance Solutions via Seamless Digital Experiences


We created a hyper-personalized, fully responsive digital aggregator insurance platform for a new-age insurtech client. The platform empowered corporate users to find the preferred insurance solution. The insurtech client transforms the insurance business model by strengthening insurance agents’ digital presence, and the way they achieve their business visions. The platform helps end-users stay ahead of their customer demands in the hypercompetitive world. The insurance digital ecosystem brings clarity, efficiency, scalability, and cost efficiency to the insurance distribution cycle.


To improve ROI for insurance aggregators and enhance insurance agents experience

A new-age insurtech enables and empowers insurance intermediaries and their licensed agents with AI-based product platform for transformational customer experience.

Aggregators collect information about insurance products through APIs with various insurance service providers. Due to the huge number of options, it becomes a challenge for agents to quickly pick and suggest a suitable insurance product to their customers. This is where the client’s platform helps.

We demonstrated improved output for insurers, agents, and brokers by bolstering their capability of generating revenue.

An innovative digital end-to-end insurance experience

This personalized digital solutions for the client facilitate a smart and effective way for agents to sell insurance. This cutting-edge platform unlocks their earning potential and helps them expand business like never before. The solution brings them improved search experience, and customer engagement, thus increasing their customer base.


Personalized Digital Insurance Sales Platform

It’s not more than enough if an insurance brand is only talking about the risks- people are more interested in personalization. Since our client is a technology platform of choice for the distribution of insurance in India, Valuebound delivered a unique digital experience that integrates all the major insurance providers with streamlined access to meaningful data. This enables a smart and effective way for insurance intermediaries to sell insurance products.

To achieve this, we enhanced their product that helps users explore a variety of insurance products right from motor and health to business insurance from different insurance providers- all with specific information. Our product engineering team facilitated a 360-degree view of the platform to all stakeholders, thus helping the client widen its footprint in the market by at least 2X agility.

The result of a personalized digital insurance sales platform is a simplified journey that goes into buying an Insurance product. Through a guided, interactive and unique experience, we helped build tools, modules, enhancements, features, and solutions- all integrated seamlessly to collate a unified platform that completely changes how insurance gets sold.

Empowering Insurance Agents Unlock Earning Potential And Expand Business

The legacy systems had made insurance selling arduously painful. But, it also acted as a breaking point of opportunity where tech-enabled start-ups realized how to leverage the new-age tech stacks to their benefit. With most of the laborious tasks done with platform readiness, market acceptance, and penetrating the end-customers mindset, the benefit was also to be dripped down to brokers and corporate agents.

To achieve this, Valuebound demonstrated how platform optimization and enhancement can drive growth on the enablement and partner acquisition side of things.

The result of this seamless digital environment is that Intermediaries/distributors can transition to this AI-based platform which vests them advantages like operational ease, and cost efficiencies to begin with. The client’s platform also supports an advanced Analytics Engine that enables agents, intermediaries, and distributors to drive their own KPIs and business metrics across their operation spectrum.

Hopping onto the API Bandwagon

The platform helps stakeholders with relevant business outcomes. The enhanced product portfolio of clients with some of the known insurance brands is a testimony of its success.

With the technology chops and Valuebound’s product engineering team, the client taps into the power of lots of APIs- that enable it to drive benefit across critical business metrics. We tailored modules to address specific client requirements, which enables it to provide truly digital end products to the stakeholders.

Whether it is business agility, operational ease, sales enablement, or end customer experience- all business parameters saw 100% success with client’s partners.

Wrap up

Success Results

Valuebound provides product development solutions to the fintech and financial services industry with the latest engineering technologies. We demonstrated disruptive customer experience, operational ease & efficiency for agents, and product portfolio with API integrations.

  • Partners integrating with the client’s product are 325% more likely to generate quotes from potential customers.
  • Average on-page time for the client’s platform showed 2X increase from 2-3 minutes to 4-7 minutes, thus increasing overall engagement.

Valuebound’s solutions helped the client to build better partnerships, engagements, and relationships with prospects, clients, and business partners. This enabled them with smooth and seamless sales across varied insurance product categories.

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