Stock Market Research App for American Financial Services Company
Case Study

Development of Stock Market Research App for American Financial Services Company


We created an on-the-go market research app for our client, one of the Fortune 500 financial service companies. The app fosters instant access to real-time market data, forward-looking news and insights, trusted analyst research and recommendations, and much more.

The Fortune 500 American financial service company is committed to venturing into technologies and groundbreaking solutions that align with its objectives in the global capital markets.


To develop an investment research application for traders to access real-time stock market information

The client needed secure iOS/Android applications for its customers that could provide ultimate mobility, instant access to real-time market data, forward-looking news and insights, trusted analyst research and recommendations, and much more. In addition to real-time stock quotes, the app also needed to provide its customers with detailed information on the Most Active Stocks in the US market, indexes, extended trading, dividend history, ETFs, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and more while meeting high-security standards.

Due to Valuebound’s long-standing experience in delivering high-performance applications and integrations, the client partnered with our product engineering teams to deliver a user-friendly and real-time stock market data feed application.  We demonstrated our digital experience expertise through this application development project.

An Engaging, 5-Star Rated Market Research Application for Secure, Intelligent, Real-time Stock Updates

Over the past few years, Valuebound’s product engineering and technology experts have been trusted to help clients discover new ways to replace the legacy way of working with automation and innovation. Our objective was to deliver a user-friendly and advanced mobile platform to facilitate an intelligent market research app for traders and investors.

Valuebound was engaged in the full product lifecycle of stock market research application development, which included analysis of requirements through design prototyping, production, implementation, deploying, testing, and releasing into the market. Focussed on enriched user experience, the app was designed to let traders and investors perform a range of market research operations like-

  • Track index movements in real-time, 
  • Monitor the active stocks in the market by share volume, most advanced, and dollar volume
  • Review Dividend History with a single-screen view to access aggregated dividend payment information
  • Access Analyst Research
  • Get featured forward-looking insights and news
  • Learn more about investing strategies

We facilitated a great platform experience for next-gen market research by developing attractive, responsive graphical interface applications for iOS and Android.


Customized market research experience

The application implementation created a personalized investment application experience enabling traders to manage all aspects of financial, tech, and investment research. The app provides quick access to the stock summary, graphs, and other information, making it easier for investors to customize their feed for stocks that interest them.

Secure, user-friendly, real-time market research intelligence to stay updated

Data monetization of the stock market, performance scalability of stocks, ETFs, crypto, commodities, and more- the app generates real-time insights for investors to generate new market profits and make informed decisions. Addressing the investors’ demand, the app also facilitates analysts' ratings and recommendations to help investors create a watch list for stocks they’re considering buying.

Access high-speed, high-volume analysis

A highly accurate platform that integrates different capabilities and automates desired high-speed, high-volume market research analysis enables practical data analysis and representation for investors. Engineered with delineating data capture and standardization rules, the investment research application adds a high value of confidence in traders regarding information accuracy.

Wrap up

Success Results

Valuebound provides product development solutions to the fintech and the financial services industry with the latest engineering technologies. Due to our earlier experience and long-standing good relationship with the client, it partnered with Valuebound’s product development team.

We demonstrated the successful delivery of an app that has complete market data information for investors. The application is now available on Google Play and App Store.

  • 1.2 million active users supported a personalized real-time market data application. The app has gained widespread popularity among traders looking for technical updates on the market. 
  • 5-Star Rating on iOS & PlayStore: Rated 5-star on the Playstore and App Store, the app is available on mobile and tablet devices for iOS and Android, claimed to be one of the top 5 apps in the segment. 
  • Average app downloads increased 10X with 100K+ downloads on portable devices.

Valuebound’s solutions helped the client to build an application that provides detailed information on extended trading, indexes, Most Active Stocks, dividend history, ETFs, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and more- all in one place. This gives investors free access to real-time stock information before, during, and after market hours from US’ top stock exchanges.

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