Content Creation Solution for a Global Life Sciences Firm
Case Study

Content Creation Solution for a Global Life Sciences Firm


The project needed a content creation platform for co-authoring intelligent interactive reports with easy-to-use visualization tools. The reports and insights needed to be created with a seamless real-time co-authoring experience, and sometimes in offline mode as well.

Content governance was a significant requirement to ensure quality and high standards of reports at every stage of the content lifecycle. Some of the other functional requirements were for the reports to be available in online and offline mode, and a multi-device viewable format.

In the competitive pharma, healthcare, and life sciences industry, our client, the leading global commercial services provider remained up due to all such issues.

The client engaged Valuebound to increase team productivity, enhance the content authoring experience, and save valuable time.


Earlier the client was using third-party software at exorbitantly high costs for report creation. They needed a quick turnaround while customizing the reports visualization to the market's and their customer’s specific needs.

Due to the longer duration required for report creation, as a result of many interactions between the technology and research team, there was a slow response to changing market needs which was reducing competitiveness.

Researchers were spending a lot of time just searching and collating information from different sources. Many times content teams were working remotely, had no access to the internet, and were looking for ways to work offline.

These limitations in the content creation process coupled with hard to implement content governance process reduced the efficiency of the team resulting in, increased costs, and made it tough to remain competitive in the fast-paced pharma research industry post-COVID.


With Valuebound on board, the client got a content creation and collaboration platform which also eased content governance. The simple & intuitive features platform enabled members of the research and insights team to do real-time co-authoring of content through the drag-and-drop features besides customizing the reports.

In addition, the platform reduced the manual effort for a seamless authoring experience. The multi-format multi-device functionality enabled them to have a better report viewing experience, while also accessing the content offline.


Now that the client’s team is using the content creation and content governance platform, there are some visible changes such as :

  • Overall control of the content has improved because users can seamlessly communicate while making multiformat reports via comments
  • Interactive reports (with better visuals) publication has been introduced into the tool 
  • Multiple users can come together and collaboratively work on a single report
  • It also supports versioning, which means that a user can maintain multiple versions of the report. The platform has given the user the ability to make multiple templates and use the same for report building.
Wrap up

Intelligent and interactive pharmaceutical content creation solution with complete content governance made the co-authoring process simpler, more reliable, and seamless for organizations. This collaborative content creation platform has enabled the client:

  • Slash their insights and report content creation costs by 66%
  • Easy-to-use templates reduced customer approval time for reports by 50%
  • Increase collaboration in authoring across Research and Content team
  • Help insights creation and publication team save at least 45 minutes per user a day
  • Increased ROI for the content creation process by over 30%

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