Digital Strategy for Startups

Digital Strategy for Startups - Choosing affordable site building software

Open source software - Quality offerings at affordable rates

As a startup, you might feel anxious thinking about costs of website building software, and worry about having to change to a more complex software later on. The good news is there are cutting edge open source products out in the market for which the licensing fees are nil. With some of them, you can start off really basic and smoothly become more and more complex. And even the White House and NASA have used such open source products for their official sites. All enterprises nowadays use site creating software called CMS - content management system.

What is CMS - Why do all enterprises use it nowadays?

Websites nowadays no longer have only static pages. There is frequently released dynamic content in modern websites such as blogs, news, product pages, e commerce content, industry analysis, announcements and infinite other forms of dynamic site copy. To manage this, you need a site making software called CMS. Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress are the leading open source CMSs.

Why we use Drupal for our start up clients

We ourselves prefer to service our start up clients with Drupal CMS as it allows us to rapidly set up a basic site that can be tweaked and enhanced and scaled very easily whenever needed. Our start up clients ask us enhance their site a bit each time they have to accommodate sudden growth spurts or changes, and Drupal is specially created to accommodate sudden changes even of very large scales while preserving earlier content and workflows admirably well. However, having worked with the non-Drupal CMSs as well, we consider all the three CMSs great for valid reasons, and the ultimate choice is yours.

Choosing a CMS - Coming up next...

In the next part of this series, we discuss what it is that you need to look for in an open source CMS software. Obviously, the focus would be on ease and speed of setting up a basic site, how exactly and how much you can enhance such a site, what you can do if there are unexpected changes, volume variations, demands for major workflow changes from a major client you suddenly land, and other such problems specific to your start up. In brief we shall focus on how to ensure your CMS meets your immediate needs while insuring you strongly for your future.

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