Engineers Garage

EngineersGarage selects Valuebound to improve performance of Drupal 6 website & migration to Drupal 7

EngineersGarage has chosen Valuebound for support & maintenance services as well as to improve the performance of its Drupal 6 website. We will be working towards improving the site performance during peak traffic hours. Our initiatives are specifically meant to troubleshoot the issues faced by the website due to server overload because of frequent DDoS attack. We will also migrate the site to n-tier hosting architecture where web server and database will be deployed on separate locations. We will also be working on migrating the site to Drupal 7. Drupal 7 will help the website leverage new features with reduced number of modules and better performance to handle a web-traffic of 1.5 million page view per month.

About Engineers Garage

Engineers Garage is an innovative company which started its operations in 2010 with a mission to empower people with the technical know-how with its DIY projects and services.The company believes in constant ideation and the application of creativity to overcome technical hurdles as reflected in their products and services.

About Valuebound

Valuebound prides itself in being a boutique web services provider that keeps evolving with each project it undertakes. Valuebound is a key contributor to the Drupal community with a strong belief in having fruitful partnerships with our esteemed clients. We at Valuebound are committed to your business initiatives with our Enterprise level Web Solutions. Please contact us to know more about our service offerings.