Drupal Performance

Disha Bhadra February 9, 2018

How to debug Drupal 8 website performance using Web Profiler

Over the period of time, website performance degrades significantly affecting the business in terms of traffic, sales, marketing etc. And there can be n-number of reasons for the poor performance of…

Subhash Uddhav Yadav January 12, 2018

A beginners guide to caching in Drupal 8

Caching is a popular technique to optimize the performance of a website. It is a process that stores web data (HTML, CSS, Image) in some accessible space. Moreover, a cache is a detailed information…

A beginners guide to caching in Drupal 8

Subhash Uddhav Yadav January 12, 2018
Neera Prajapati January 5, 2018

A beginners guide to Performance optimization in Drupal 8

Web performance is an important factor to consider when developing a website because user experience and usability are dependent on the speed of page loads. Not to mention, web giants like Google,…

Ajay Reddy November 23, 2017

Configuring Memcache with Drupal 8 to reduce database load

Developers often come across a situation where they are required to reduce database load by caching DB objects in RAM. Here Memcache improves Drupal application performance by moving standard caches…

May 2, 2016

Profiling Drupal Performance with Webgrind and Xdebug

Xdebug Profiling is all about measuring the performance of PHP code. Here we go! Requirements: Xdebug, with profiler enabled Webgrind Xdebug Addon plugin for browser 1. Xdebug with profiler…

November 27, 2014

EngineersGarage selects Valuebound to improve performance of Drupal 6 website & migration to Drupal 7

EngineersGarage has chosen Valuebound for support & maintenance services as well as to improve the performance of its Drupal 6 website. We will be working towards improving the site performance…