High performance

Neera Prajapati January 5, 2018

A beginners guide to Performance optimization in Drupal 8

Web performance is an important factor to consider when developing a website because user experience and usability are dependent on the speed of page loads. Not to mention, web giants like Google,…

Ajay Reddy November 23, 2017

Configuring Memcache with Drupal 8 to reduce database load

Developers often come across a situation where they are required to reduce database load by caching DB objects in RAM. Here Memcache improves Drupal application performance by moving standard caches…

Debjani Chatterjee March 30, 2017

Why Profiling is necessary for Performance Benchmarking?

40% of users abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Websites are typically viewed on a large variety of devices with various systems, it may be handheld device or desktops, might…

Debjani Chatterjee March 29, 2017

9 ways Unit Testing improves your product quality

Testing and development have forever been in war. It is obvious that Testing helps reduce errors and redundant tasks, but the amount of effort required to be put be each one is different and there is…

9 ways Unit Testing improves your product quality

Debjani Chatterjee March 29, 2017
Mahaveer Singh December 24, 2014

LEMP Installation (Nginx, MariaDB, PHP And phpMyAdmin) on Ubuntu 14.04 in 4 steps

A combination of Linux based operating system and open-source software stack, LEMP provides a LAMP compatible platform for all applications. The acronym LEMP stands for Linux, Nginx (engine-x) HTTP…