Getting started with the professional life at Valuebound

A positive, collaborative and supportive environment within a firm can foster growth of an individual, I’d heard until I started my internship with Valuebound. When the off campus placement drive started in my college, I learnt about Valuebound, which is accredited as a brand for Drupal development. I searched and visited the website, and applied for the internship.

At the core of Valuebound is its principles - Empathy, Excellence and Continuous Learning, which became evident when I first sat for the interview process. It was smooth, and the entire interview process went on quite impressively.

Interning with Valuebound

I was inducted as a Software Engineer Intern with Valuebound for 3 months and it has been a great learning experience, hands-down. Valuebound has allowed me to develop my learning and coding skills. All the training provided and the assignment given was a super kick-off to any workplace. I feel proud to start my career in Valuebound because there have been lots of changes in my personal and professional life.

Swapnil PawarMy logical thinking, along with coding has developed tremendously at Valuebound. I have started looking forward to taking tasks as opportunities rather than challenges. The projects assigned here need to be done within the given timestamp and that has kept me on my toes, but definitely helped me in picking the skill of time management. I have learnt about some useful features and key things associated with Drupal, development and site building, apart from decoupling and CKEditor. All of it has expanded my skills, for sure.

Valuebound Culture

All the trainers have remained very supportive in terms of coaching or for any assistance. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy- is true for Valuebound. The interns here do not just learn, but also enjoy working. Being a newcomer to industries all the necessary assistance is provided. I personally never felt the FOMO.

I learnt gradually that personal relationships, and knowing people we’re working with lies at the heart of Valuebound. During my internship, I felt recognized and “valuable,” which formed a great experience to me just when I stepped into the universe of professionalism from the boyhood of college.