Drupal 8 Migration

How to Migrate a Website to Drupal 8

We all know that now is the time to move into Drupal 8 from the other Drupal versions.  And it is very important for a Drupal developer to know about Migrating into Drupal 8 and Website Migration in general. This was a session presented at the DrupalCamp Mumbai 2017, I spoke about the experience of migrating a Legacy System which built on Adobe ColdFusion.

Website migrations occur now and then for numerous reasons and now that we are working on Drupal 8, it is absolutely necessary to migrate from Drupal 6 or 7 to Drupal 8 to fully utilize the power of Drupal.

The session focuses on:

  • Case Study of  Migrating a Legacy System into Drupal8.

  • Migration in Drupal 8 Core.

  • D6 to D8 migration.

  • D7 to D8 migration.

  • Migrating from JSON and CSV data.

  • Migrate Source Plugin

    • Why or When we need to write Migrate Source plugin?

    • How to Write Migrate source plugin?

  • Migrate Process Plugin

    • Why or When we need to write Migrate Process plugin?

    • How to Write Migrate Process plugin?

  • Migration using Drush.



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