Indian IT Companies using Drupal Platform

Indian IT Companies using Drupal Platform

A number of IT giants in India are using Drupal. For these enterprises, their Drupal platforms are essentially powerful marketing tools. They use Drupal because it accommodates marketing efforts rapidly enough for the organization to reach the market with its offerings on schedule. It is vital that the CMS platform enable business hypothesis testing approaches that help make fast, evidence-based marketing decisions. Drupal not only does so, but can continually and rapidly accommodate changes of any range and scale that typically follow such testing. A high tech Drupal platform would handle the following marketing aspects rapidly:

Promotion of products and services

Drupal can handle huge volumes of dynamic input. What is special about Drupal’s way of displaying content is its powerful taxonomy and contextual filters that create custom content displays of a variety, complexity and utility unparalleled in the world of open source CMS. This enhances a company's marketing effort by providing solid evidence of the marketer's claims to prospective clients.

Innovating marketing campaigns

IT companies need to not just innovate products rapidly, but to make it visible in the market before the competition does so. The challenge then is that marketing campaigns are not foolproof. They need to be varied and tested to determine which campaign is getting the most results. Drupal facilitates A/B testing at a fast pace, enabling marketers to determine the most efficacious campaign options. This helps IT enterprises to keep up with constantly changing markets and requirements for innovation.Once the IT organization identifies its best campaigns, Drupal enables cloning and redeployment of similar campaigns with required tweaks, thus reducing marketing time long after creation of the initial campaign.

Localization of marketing campaigns

Drupal's embedded multi-lingual capabilities make it easy for a marketing initiative to be rapidly launched or cloned and redeployed in multiple languages. The configuration and layout remain similar, but the language changes to exponentially increase the campaign's success. Fast tweaking of campaign layouts and configurations to accommodate cultural preferences or to comply with local legislation is also easy with Drupal.

Collaborative campaign creation 

Marketing departments of IT firms are typically spread out across geographies. Drupal has a strong focus on enabling collaborative content creation with robust facilities for the associated communication. Communication is focussed on the business topic and does not need to be filtered out by users. This makes every aspect of strategizing, testing, deploying faster and simpler in a way that does not need additional planning and organization by busy project managers. Collaborators can work on their core activity rapidly when the platform automates a major part of the organization.

The above benefits of Drupal are the reason why a number of IT giants in India are currently using Drupal. A few of them are:

HCL Tech Corporate Website using DrupalHCL Technologies

Mindtree Corporate website using Drupal PlatformMindtree

24/7 CUSTOMER, INC using Drupal CMS[24]7

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