Employee pulse survey check at Valuebound

Valuebound conducts Pulse Survey to check the pulse of organization

The pulse survey was conducted in Valuebound in August 2021. Each company comes with its own values and culture, which helps in shaping the ecosystem of an organization. How does work get done, how employee interaction takes place, and how involved and inclusive do they feel in an organization- are some of the questions which sit on the foundation of organization’s habits, beliefs, system, values and vision. How does an organization ensure authentic and positive culture, nevertheless?

Proactive approach in ensuring employee inclusiveness where they feel that their voice is being heard, is an ideal state that resembles the thoughtful effort of a firm. Instead of enabling the culture of a firm to develop without guiding principles, there must be a responsibility and opportunity to inculcate a positive work environment. Valuebound’s Pulse Survey is a way for us to promote our listening strategies, and ensure higher employee engagement.

Feedback from employees for higher engagement

While employee feedback is a regular practice in most firms, Valuebound also ensures quarterly conversations by evolving our ongoing listening strategies. By seeking feedback from our employees on the pulse of our organization, drive attendant benefits to build trust between employees and the organization.

Importance of Valuebound’s Pulse Survey

Why does employees’ feedback matter to us? Here are some of the reasons-

  • Increases employee engagement
  • Helps build trust
  • Reduces negative behaviour in the organization
  • Helps us understand our strengths and weaknesses
  • Enables our employees feel included
  • Promotes healthy discussions

Trends observed with Pulse Survey August 2021

Our previous Pulse Survey was conducted in April  2021. As compared with the previous survey, here are the trends observed-

  • Organization has improved significantly in the diversity and inclusion area
  • Participants have been open to voicing their opinions on areas they would like to see improvement on.
  • Percentage of positive response to all questions asked in previous pulse has increased, especially on brand association (Employee Referral) and employee sentiment (Organization Cares).
  • Questions pertaining to organisation culture and communication of new initiatives have received high positive responses.
  • Career conversations with managers is an area of improvement.
  • Process automation, internal communication and performance evaluation mechanisms are aspects that can be improved upon.

As many as 92% of the respondents feel that Valuebound cares about its people; a sharp increase from 78% in April 2021.  Among our respondents, 89% strongly agree/ agree that they have adequate professional growth opportunities in Valuebound. Our organization has remained people-centric, and hence the policies and procedures are designed with employees in mind, to which 87% of the respondents agreed. The Pulse Survey underscored that Valuebound has a positive and engaging work culture, which 94% of the employees strongly agree/agree with.

Pulse Survey allows our leadership to get constructive feedback from employees, while also allowing us to adapt more successful behaviours and actions. Through this survey, we aim to help employees open up and voice out concerns that they might have, while also ensuring anonymity. Hence, pulse survey is our launching pad for ensuring success by discussing changes and reinforcing the positive traits.