Valuebound Decks Out for DrupalCon Asia

In less than a week from now the biggest event of the Drupal world is going to happen - DrupalCon and this time it's happening at a place which is the second highest contributor to Drupal, INDIA. Drupalers from India have been waiting for this grand event to witness the largest gathering of the tribe.

The city of dreams, Mumbai will be hosting the DrupalCon Asia 2016 at IIT Mumbai. The 'who's-who' of the Drupal planet will be there, thus will Valuebound. We anticipate being a part of this point of interest & occasion, and impart Happiness to everybody around us. We are already pumped up to meet all the rockstars around the globe.

Eleven of us are attending the DrupalCon Asia 2016, out of which one of our very own Karthik Kumar recieved a scholarship for the event for his contribution to the Drupal project.

Karthik Kumar DK

Ankit Babbar

Aditya Anurag

Elora Dash

Harika Gujulla

Mahaveer Singh

Neeraj Kumar

Malabya Tewari

Rakesh James

Rakesh James




Manoj Kumar









We can't just wait to leave Bangalore for a week of awesomness, learning and self realisation of being a part of such a huge family called Drupal community.



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