Drupal 7

Jaywant Topno July 6, 2017

Things to know about Drupal 7 Database API

The new drupal database API (known as DB:TNG) is built atop PHP's native PDO engine. The main objective behind Drupal’s database API is to allow developers to write one query that will work across…

Jaywant Topno April 25, 2017

How to add Custom JS / CSS to Drupal 7 page in theme for a better user experience

Adding JS adds dynamic presentation effects to a theme for a better user experience. In One of the project when i had been asked to display a custom error message to the User login page, when user…

Jaywant Topno November 9, 2016

How Drupal handles the page request: Bootstrap Process

This is an interesting topic to get to know more about Drupal core activity. We will be looking into ‘how to use drupal echo on request?’ and ‘how many process it has gone through?’ Basically the…

Jaywant Topno November 2, 2016

Setting up variables using preprocess & Process

Preprocess is one of the methodology used to declared the variable so that it can be placed easily on template files. Why does Drupal follow this approach?  It is to keep the Code clean and…

Jaywant Topno September 12, 2016

Learning about Form & Field Validation in Drupal 7

This article is to share my experience with Drupal CMS. It will be helpful , particularly for novice/beginner level Drupal programmers to build their knowledge block on Drupal framework. Even though…

Kishorekumar Nagarajan May 3, 2016

How To Create Custom SOLR Search With Autocomplete In Drupal 7

In many cases, users visiting a site already know what they are looking for, hence they  head straight to the search box. Since it is likely to be their first point of contact with the website,…

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February 25, 2015

Valuebound releases Commerce Instamojo Payment Gateway integration module

Valuebound has released the Commerce Instamojo Payment Gateway Module to integrate Drupal Commerce with Instamojo Payment Gateway. Instamojo is a payment solution that can be seamlessly integrated…