What does a Drupal Developer do?

When you begin a search to upgrade your website or CMS, there are loads of options and frameworks which will ultimately mold and give shape to your Digital Experience, what you will eventually become.

Drupal is one such free and open source content management framework written in PHP, which web developers work on.

There are a few things a procurement manager looks into when taking in a team to change the current technologies, but many a time the question arises as to “What are the roles of a Drupal developer”?

Mostly for organizations that work to help augment your staffing needs, will migrate your website to Drupal if it is not already built with it.The team might use a new or fresh Drupal install or use a distribution and make it exactly like the organization wants it.

The Publishing industry biggies mostly use Drupal behind their sites.

“What does Drupal do”?

According to the needs of the platform, drupal developers make use of the configuration pages of the Drupal to develop functionalities like polls or blogs or internal systems like project submission areas.

When a content is published online in a leading publishing company, it goes through many checks and reviews before it is approved to be Published. It is known as the Workbench suite, it provides authors, editors, and publishers with a unified interface for managing content relevant to them. It allows people to focus on content because after all, that is what your employees are supposed to so when you are a Publishing entity.

Mostly, all of this can be done by click and drag, drop and save. So why the hype? Well, a skilled Drupal developer and architect knows which modules to use for the functionalities, and they know how to make or customize one to suit the requirements, even if they have not used it before. They configure to make a workable site.

That is the introduction to a Drupal developer’s profile. This is like making a house, before choosing the floor type and wallpaper you choose the number of floors the walls, rooms and that is why an experienced Drupal developer is known as a Drupal Architect. And there is a lot to learn on the path to becoming a Drupal Architect.

You want to let us know what your content would be like, how the end user would consume the content, how it would interact with other third party applications. How the performance of your website is in-tune with the experience you want to provide to your consumers. How you would integrate with Social platforms, how would your fetched data look from other website. How you would increase the performance to get in line with the newest versions that match with other modules made for the latest versions.

What does the pack comprise of?

A Site builder is the one who creates functionality with plugging and configuring various modules, a Developer writes custom modules to make new ones and a Themer makes awesome designs that act as the face of the project.

The Drupal community follows a best practices standard with Drupal Website Building.

In short a Drupal development team is the perfect package for an all-in development.

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