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Debjani Chatterjee
Debjani has joined Valuebound as a Drupal Community Manager and Digital Marketer. She works closely with the development team, to help pen down their thoughts and enliven them. Loves and contributes in open source and believes in an open web for all.

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Debjani Chatterjee

Dev testing Best Practices
Debjani Chatterjee | July 25, 2017

7 Tips : Dev testing Best Practices

At Valuebound, Dev Testing is done to ensure that…
Drupal Camp Pune 2017
Debjani Chatterjee | July 19, 2017

Valuebound is excited to sponsor Drupal Camp Pune 2017

We are proud to announce that Valuebound is sponsoring and participating in Drupal Camp Pune to…
Web Platforms
Debjani Chatterjee | July 4, 2017

The Network effect of Web Platforms

The network effect of Web platforms has now come into light which has been existing long. This…
Digital platform elements
Debjani Chatterjee | June 22, 2017

Elements of a Digital Platform that creates Value

I have been studying about platforms for sometime now. I wrote about the transforming business…
Debjani Chatterjee | June 16, 2017

The Role of users in Media and Publishing Industry

Reading and Entertainment has always been a social activity, print took to digital and digital…
Debjani Chatterjee | June 2, 2017

How will Artificial Intelligence power the future of Media and Publishing ?

The most important technology that is shaping the…