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Banking as a Platform (BAAP): Innovating Retail Banking
Akanksha Mishra | September 22, 2022

Banking as a Platform (BAAP): Innovating Retail Banking

Banking as a Platform (BAAP), or…

Choosing tech stack for e-learning platform development
Akanksha Mishra | April 29, 2022

Choosing Tech Stack for e-learning Platform Development

The edtech sector is positioned for exponential growth as suggested by Forbes research. In the…

Web Platforms
Debjani Chatterjee | July 4, 2017

The Network effect of Web Platforms

The network effect of Web platforms has now come into light which has been existing long. This…

Digital platform elements
Debjani Chatterjee | June 22, 2017

Elements of a Digital Platform that creates Value

I have been studying about platforms for sometime now. I wrote about the transforming business…