Media & Entertainment

Debjani Chatterjee | June 16, 2017

The Role of users in Media and Publishing Industry

Reading and Entertainment has always been a social activity, print took to digital and digital…

Malabya Tewari | June 12, 2017

How to create Content Workflow for Media Enterprises

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Drupal Project Delivery
Nikhil Anant | June 8, 2017

How can a good Project Management ensure happy Drupal project delivery?

There is no tools or modules available for Drupal project management in It's all…

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How will Artificial Intelligence power the future of Media and Publishing ?

The most important technology that is shaping the…

Starry night
Neeraj | May 30, 2017

Why a Platform Enabled Business Model over Tradional Business Model?

Every era has brought with it changes and disrupted the way businesses function, defined its…

Guide to Drupal distribution Thunder for Media & Publishing companies
Debjani Chatterjee | May 17, 2017

Guide to Drupal distribution Thunder for Media & Publishing companies

While, a drupal developer is working on a project, adding custom codes or…

Context of Ads
Neha Narendra | May 2, 2017

How Can Publishers Improve The Context of Ads

There is always a tug of war between buyers and sellers and the Media and Publishing…

Neha Narendra | March 22, 2017

4 Big Data Strategies That Will Transform Media Businesses

Media companies are facing new business challenges with increased pressure to execute…