A Content Management Workflow is used by Media Enterprises to have control over authorship, editing and publishing accesses and roles assignment for altering states, cycles and content types for users.

Content Workflow is also known as Content Governance Model. A Content Workflow can define the roles, responsibilities, documentations and workflow of Content. Media enterprises have responsibilities to ensure they have a smooth workflow because it usually involves a lot of processes and people ranging from the author to the editor a publisher and also a creatives team. 

A defined model of workflow involves all the stakeholders from planning to publishing stage.

Content Workflow

Common Challenges

  • Access & Permissions
  • Extensible workflow states
  • Review contents before publishing it
  • Changes to content can be reviewed
  • Modify published contents without going live

Solutions prior to Drupal 8

  • Workbench Moderation
  • Workbench
  • Save as Draft

The Content Management Workflow is a module on Drupal 8. It can be used to create a content moderator experience for supporting content authorship and publishing.

Let's take a look at the ppt and video for more. I have also shared a demo at the end of the video.

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