How will Artificial Intelligence power the future of Media and Publishing ?

The most important technology that is shaping the Media and Publishing Industry is Artificial Intelligence. Ideas have come and gone, business models have been scrapped. Publishing used to be only about Content and Distribution but now with the internet in everyone's hands problems like these have taken a back seat. The digital publishing industry is looking out for disruption and Digital Experience has become the key with personalization.

Beyond creating content that is tailored for the audience, AI can help content creators to provide with more data and relevant details for research relating to information which is difficult to be found even by the most experienced of authors in the Publishing sector.

What does the future look like?

While Machine Learning and Deep Learning can help and go a long way to assist in the Media and Publishing industry, it lacks in the ability to understand human behavior to give explanatory answers like Why Donald Trump did something he did? Here is where researchers say yet and that there is a future where AI might have answers to that too. If so be the case, is that journalists and content creators will lose jobs to Machines?

For the best, AI is all about making the best out of information and research on content. It aids to add context to come to a relevant decision.

The end of this decade will see the massive impact that AI is creating in the digital publishing industry. What is there today is just the beginning of it. The capabilities are vast and experience for an audience will be ever evolving.

How are companies evolving?

More and more companies in the Digital Publishing sphere will need to interact and understand the gap between them and consumers, communications will have to be more open and understanding about how content is perceived by individuals will have to be separated out and dealt with accordingly.

The best way to stay relevant is to stay ahead of the crowd. Be in sync with what Technology has to offer to the Publishing industry.

To cross the barriers of relevance or territory publishers will have access to information that helps to decide what kind of content gets traction, what exactly makes or break news and use prediction algorithms to keep the audience glued, boost site engagement.

Last year, Tribune Publishing announced that it has called tronc to focus on producing content using artificial intelligence. BuzzFeed is another company making around 65 to 75 videos per week.

The overall amount of content will explode for sure, but do you think Artificial Intelligence will help write content with a human context?